How has FMLA not relieved the stress of caregiving?

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  1. How might the U.S. government encourage more support for the caregivers of the elderly?

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Although the enactment of FMLA was seen to be a stress reliever, it has not helped to relieve the pain of care giving especially for the elderly. Currently, there are many employers who dismiss or even fail to compensate employers after they have undertaken a maternal or paternal leave. Even after the implementation of the Act, many people have continued to lose their job opportunities as a result.  In order to encourage more support in care giving for the elderly, the government should provide more effective legislation that would help to enhancing funding of the caregivers. Secondly, the U.S government should also subsidize adult day services to enhance the flexibility of service provision.  Thirdly, the government should enact effective policies to help in the balance of caregiving and work. This will ensure that there is job protection to a caregiver.  In general, effective policies on employment contracts should be changed so as to promote caregiving services.

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