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Base on their speech reply to at least 2 students and provide insightful feedback to their presentation topic. Simple posts of good job, I agree/disagree..., etc. will not be enough to satisfy a reply.

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Yating Yang Yesterday Hi Jami! I hope you doing well and happy these days! Thanks for your great video presentation, and I enjoyed watching and listening that your relaxing introduction way makes me feel like a conversation! You are very good at observing life and can start to introduce topics from a phenomenon that can be seen in life. To be honest, when I saw the health warning on the cigarette box at first, I felt that it was useless because I guess the real user would not care about the health warning, but maybe it could serve as a reminder. Anyway, thank you for your explanation! Through your introduction, I have a clearer understanding of the harm of second-hand smoke, but perhaps we cannot avoid the impact of second-hand smoke in life, such as people around smoking indoors. However, most activities of the hospitality industry, especially the hotel industry, are carried out in indoor confined space, which has become an issue. It is necessary to ban smoking in public places. We always emphasize how to act without affecting others. Of course, the impact on the environment should also be considered. The chain reaction caused by self-health is worth thinking, such as reducing the incidence of disease and the possibility of potential medical expenses, which is a good starting point. Try to think that smoking needs to pay for the purchase of cigarettes, the possible medical expenses, and also affect themselves, others' health and the surrounding environment. It seems that is an unnecessary behavior to continue. You mentioned a 100% smoking ban, which sounds like a once and for all approach. However, sometimes smoking is also a personal cathartic behavior. If it is completely prohibited, maybe other behaviors dealing with cathartic will increase, which is not very controllable and seems not very desirable. As you said, nicotine and alcohol can make people feel comfortable and they are also an important source of income for the hospitality industry, so how to balance economic impact and health is worth considering. Great job Jami! Please stay safe and healthy! Emily Dale Thursday Jami, I hope quarantine has been good for you (or as good as it can get), and that you are staying safe and healthy! Great job on this assignment! I think your topic was a really good one and something that I would have never thought of myself. I thought it was really cool how you tied your topic into something that was personal and I'm sure that helped make this assignment a little more important to you! Smoking in restaurants, hotels, and other public places definitely is a turn off for me and I, personally, would not eat or stay somewhere that allowed smoking in the building. I thought the 100% smoking ban was interesting. Smoking is so dangerous but I think that banning it 100% would be a hard law to pass. Before your presentation, I had never really thought about the negative effects that having a smoking ban could potentially hurt the hospitality industry. Your point about the bars was really interesting and something that I would not have put together. I definitely think this issue is something that could greatly affect our industry and should be research more. I really enjoyed listening to your presentation. Awesome job!
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Discussion One
As I enjoy watching and listening to the video, I am getting to learn new things. She has
presented the video with a lot of confidence, and at the start of it, she has made us discover the
topic to be presented. It was so wise of her to choose a topic on smoking since it harms people.
More so, I would congratulate the health sector for playing a major role in warning people about
the dangers of smoking by indicating a health warning on the cigarette box.
Many people think that tho...

Really helped me to better understand my coursework. Super recommended.

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