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Discuss whether or not backcasting is an important concept for addressing major forces that shape the role of IT in organizations that compete globally. Explain your answer.

Aug 11th, 2014

 Back-casting is a way of inductive rather than deductive analysis, which firstly focuses on the range of
alternative futures and their impacts, and then, determines the policy measures
required to reach there. in a future rife with uncertainties, any forecast must necessarily deal with
possibilities and probabilities, and not with certainties.

IT for many years now has been capturing complex data through instrumentation, analyzing those data, and
either providing information for users to take intelligent action, or better yet having the system take the
action automatically.This increases the efficiency of the organization because the time spent collecting the data
can be dramatically reduced .Sustainability manage-ment technology helps the organization define its
sustainability strategy and goals, and also assists it to select, run, and monitor a program that will deliver
on those goals. It enables the organization to identify and mitigate its risks while monitoring compliance
to regulations and internal policies. .Monitoring overall performance and communicating the results to various stakeholders allow the organization to be transparent in its  sustainability efforts. back casting is a crucial tool in   project management.Tracking the performance  of each sustainability initiative will help the overall
program.The organization should identify an owner for each major project. It should adopt baseline
metrics before the project begins, monitor the project, and review its outcomes. Often the cost-benefit
analysis is done up front to help select the right initiative.  a strategy is important to identify and articulate
the sustainability objectives and goals of the organization. In addition, policies to help guide the organization toward meeting those goals and objectives should be adopted in an effecient manner that may call for IT systems to achieve the given goal. it can be used as a risk management.Organizations may face or be affected by many sustainability risks. It is important to perform risk identification, measurement, and mitigation.
IT can be deployed as a backcasting in Compliance management.With compliancerequirements increasing, an organization’s ability to understand and test what it needs to do statutorily, or what it has voluntarily committed to do, can be a significant endeavor.

Aug 11th, 2014

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Aug 11th, 2014
Aug 11th, 2014
Oct 18th, 2017
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