Debate: Why are books better than films? "Books over Films"


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Revised Debate Assignment Overview: Instead of working with a group to present an academic debate in class, you will be working on your own. You will be producing all of the elements of the debate in written format: a brief introduction, 3 supporting points, a counter-argument/rebuttal, and a conclusion. Your debate will also include a Works Cited page and some sort of visual (graph, image, video link, etc.). Requirements: (And feel free to organize your paper in these categories/subtitles, too!) • Brief Introduction (~1/2 to 3/4 page, double-spaced): This should be written out to introduce your topic and debate. Briefly, tell us (or define) your topic for us. For instance, if you’re debating Sparknotes, what is Sparknotes? How long have they been around? And, what is the debate surrounding the issue? That is, what do people disagree about when it comes to Sparknotes (define the “PRO” and “CON” side). • Supporting Points (2-3 pages, double-spaced): THIS IS IDENTICAL TO THE DEBATE FORMAT SUGGESTIONS FILE. This should be the longest part of your debate. Here, you will list the 2-3 strongest reasons to support your side of the debate. So, if you are arguing against Sparknotes, what are 2-3 of the strongest reasons to not use Sparknotes (e.g. perhaps it doesn’t provide students with as much intellectual stimulation as reading the text itself)? You want to define your reason, and then provide ample research (articles, websites, scholarly sources) to support your ideas. Each supporting point should have at least two sources as support. • Counter-argument & Rebuttal (1 page, double-spaced): THIS IS IDENTICAL TO THE DEBATE FORMAT SUGGESTIONS FILE. Here is where you will bring up 2-3 points of the other side’s arguments, and then provide your response to their arguments. So, if you are arguing CON/AGAINST Sparknotes, what would be 2-3 reasons FOR/PRO Sparknotes? Let’s say one argument supporting Sparknotes is that it saves students time. That would be ONE of your counter-arguments. Then, as a rebuttal, you would offer your response to that (in order to bring it back to your side, the CON). For example, perhaps it saves them time, but is time what matters the most, or is it intellectual engagement? Each counter-argument/rebuttal should have at least one source as support. • Conclusion (~1/2 page, double-spaced): Summarize and synthesize what you’ve said so far. Here is where it’s okay to go off-script; that is, you don’t have to “stick” to your side anymore. After researching both sides, what do you make of this debate? What is the real resolution (if there is one at all)? What should people consider as they think about this topic? • Works Cited: Your Works Cited page should be in MLA format and should include at least five credible sources. I will post resources on Blackboard to help you with creating your Works Cited page, and in using in-text citations, but hopefully you have already learned this in Comp I. I am also here via e-mail to answer your questions about all things MLA! • Visual: You should include at least one visual within your paper---or at the end. This can be a graph, image, picture, link to a video, etc. Grading: Clear introduction, at least ½ page, covers essential background information on topic & debate (25 points) Includes 2-3 supporting points that thoroughly support topic/side, includes relevant research and support as evidence (60 points) Includes 2-3 counterarguments and rebuttals; provides credible research as support (40 points) Clear conclusion that synthesizes the debate and discusses next steps; doesn’t simply summarize topic and debate (25 points) Correctly uses MLA formatting, both in-text citations and Works Cited page with at least 5 credible sources (40 points) Includes one visual that complements and enhances the debate/paper (10 points) / 200 points ...
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