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Watch Lesson 1 of Anatomy for Beginners** and do the following:

Write an Essay about the video in which you describe the events of the dissection/lecture in the order that they occur.

    • Be sure to include information about the following topics as they are described in the show:
      • Integumental System
      • Skeletal Muscles:
        • How muscles shorten
        • Opposing muscle groups at joints
        • Location of flexor and extensor compartments for specific joints discussed in the video
        • Tendons and tendinous sheaths
        • Location of muscles that move the parts of the limbs at the specific joints mentioned in the Lesson
        • Contrast muscles of the upper and lower limbs
      • Bones: for example, what are cortical and trabecular bone?
      • Joints: for example, self lubricating properties, the role of ligaments, special components of the knee joint.
      • The Brain
        • The way in which the brain was exposed.
        • Describe the consistency of the nervous tissue of the brain in an unfixed specimen (one not exposed to formalin)
        • Name of the areas of the brain that were described in the video
      • The Spinal Cord
        • Describe the removal of the spinal cord and associated nerve(s).
        • Describe the difference between the nerve roots associated with the spinal nerves and peripheral nerves.

** Lesson 1 Movement of Anatomy for Beginners in YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD_8zPm2NXEZA2ECOwSbqtdbFM3T_UpaL (Links to an external site.)) in 5 parts (1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, and 5/5).

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