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Listen to or view an opera by one of the following composers: Rossini, Mozart, Verdi or Wagner.It is possible to see an opera live, through the special events at AMC or through a full performance on youtube.

After viewing the opera, answer the following:

  • List the opera and your source of viewing.(10 Pts)
  • List the performance cast and give a plot summary of the opera (Do NOT copy and paste.Please describe the plot in your own words)(20 pts)
  • Why did you choose this particular event? (5 pts)
  • What was the best element of this event? (10 pts)
  • What was the worst element of this event? (10 pts)
  • How did your previewing concept of this experience affect your actual a experience? (5 pts)
  • Would you recommend this event to a friend?Why or why not? (10 pts)
  • Give a detailed critique of the performance.(325 – 350 word response) (30 pts)

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