GWU Effect of Including LGBTQ Related Work Experience in The Resume for A Leadership Position Paper

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I had data and the topic will send u later:

(I also have a sample of a design that u can as a refer to)

The following is the needs and instructions.

Your report should consist of three parts: description, analysis, and conclusion.

The description part of your report should contain your research question, a description of the design, a description of the data collection process (even if the data are collected on the Internet), and a list of the variables. Explain which variable (or variables) is a response and which variable(s) are independent (also called factors). Indicate if the factors are categorical or numerical, if they are treatments or blocks, and if they are fixed or random. Explain why.

In the analysis part, run your tests and explain if your model contains interactions or not. Describe how you chose your sample size and if you think you have enough data to have adequate power. Finally, compute the power of the tests you have performed. If you have several levels in a factor or factors, perform multiple comparisons or pairwise comparisons if they are helpful in the analysis. If appropriate, consider doing a trend analysis. In summary, support all your choices using the statistical or graphical methods we learned in class.

Finally, in the conclusion, state the results of the statistical tests in the language of the problem. Also, discuss whether you could have done something differently if you had more time or more data or more appropriate data.

Your report should not exceed 3 typed pages (single-spaced). Write on one side of the paper only. You may attach up to 10 pages of printed material, such as data, tables, lists, graphs, and various outputs to support your conclusions. Number graphs, tables, and pages, so you can refer to them in your report. If your report is handwritten (which is permitted but not preferred), make sure it is legible. Otherwise, you risk losing points.

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This is the complete analysis in spss for trend and pairwise comparison between variables..sharing the report shortly
Attached is the report:Let me know in case you have revisions or editsHope to work with you in future bro.Bye for now


Effect of including LGBTQ related work experience in the resume for a leadership position
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Analyze the effect of including LGBTQ in the resume for Leadership Position
The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of including LGBTQ related work
experiences in the resume for a leadership position. Besides, to identify whether the gay male
applicants will have higher ratings as stereotypical feminine in comparison to the straight applicant
counterpart. Lastly, this research aims to figure out whether the participants would revert to
stereotypes, especially in the case when people rate an applicant as being more feminine if they
had indications of being gay on their resume.

Description of Design

The participants were informed that they are hiring managers of a business firm. The
company is looking to hire a manager for a new project. The questionnaire was created, which
included questions to identify the target response variable and factors. The study is done through
an online survey, and the participants are randomly assigned resumes to review as the hiring
manager. The resumes are further differentiated based on the resumes type, and the applicant with
0, 1, or 3 LGBTQ-related work experiences are mentioned in the resume. In was priorly defined
to have an even number of males and females included in the three experimental conditions. As
this is priorly known about the even distribution of male and female, the design is randomly-blocks

Description of Questionnaire

The questions included in the questionnaire consist of 9 interval questions on a 7-point
Likert scale ranging from 0 (strongly disagree) to 6 (strongly agree). These nine questions were



the following feminine attributes: affectionate, cheerful, compassionate, eager to soothe hurt
feelings, g...

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