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Project A

For this project, you are not submitting any code.

Your deliverables for this project are as follows:

  1. Copy of the Project Backlog Report with entries completed for this sprint (what you have accomplished from the start of your work till now).
  2. Word or PDF Project Status Report.
  3. Screen captures of what your project looks like--not the code, only the forms that have been completed thus far.

1. Project Backlog Report: You must complete this form honestly and accurately. When reporting time (actual and completed) your entries must be in HH:MM (hour and minute) format with leading zeros where applicable. For example, 01:05 is one hour and five minutes, and 00:09 is nine minutes.

2. Project Status Report:

  • What you accomplished during this sprint--since the start of your work.
  • What you are going to focus on between now and the next sprint--what remains to be done that you are going to work on next.
  • What roadblocks you encountered during your development efforts during this sprint.
  • What help you believe you need or what knowledge you need to gain in order to successfully complete the next sprint.

3. Screen Captures: You are not submitting code, but rather screen-shots or captures of what your forms look like at this stage of your development. Simply incorporate these into your Project Status Report.

Important: Your Project Status Report must be professional. Think of this as a report you would send to your boss or to upper management on the status of your project to-date. Please consult the following resources for help in formatting both a memo and report from Introduction to Professional Communications.

Note, with respect to the "Report Organization" section you only need to focus on the information about the "Introduction," "Body," and "Conclusion."

Link to Backlog Reporting Document: Project Backlog for Movies Manager Application.xlsx

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