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Super, Osborne, Walsh, Brown, and Niles (1992) indicated that the life-career rainbow is the "development and unfolding of the life career of a person from birth until death." Holland utilized personality trait theory to identify six types of individuals on the basis of their vocational interests. In high school, we are tested and counseled on potential career and college prospects. We even attend college with a career goal in mind. Interest in a particular career may not be the same as entering that type of career field. There are many factors that influence career choice and continuing in that career.

Search the Internet for more information on the life-career rainbow and explain how it may fit into the life span perspective of adult development. On the basis of your personal observations and experiences, describe why Super’s life-span theory of career development may or may not be accurate.

Describe Holland's personality types. Explain how his theory is used to help individuals find their vocational interests. Using specific examples, describe the strengths and weaknesses of the theory.

Explain the idea that throughout adult life, an individual may often be defined by his or her career (doctor, lawyer, store manager, nurse, etc.). Describe, using your personal observations and experiences, how an individual's career choice may affect him or her throughout life.

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