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Please take a look at the following instruction, start a technical Appendix step by step. I'll also provide a detailed example.

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Instruction on Technical Appendix (TA) Download the OJ_Data.csv data and the OJ_Read_me.txt file, use them for this Technical Appendix 1. This TA should have the following elements: o o YAML with title, author, date, Table of contents: A code header and clear the environment/packages to make sure you do not have any unexpected dependencies o Project goal statement o Load packages - only the packages you use in this analysis o Load data and wrangle/transform to prepare for analysis o Base EDA Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 ▪ There will be additional data wrangling here, but not changing the data set o Detailed EDA ▪ There will be additional data wrangling here, but not changing the data set o Summary of findings o Create and save professional quality visuals 2. Your code should be documented and you should have comments/questions after each code chunk of what you learned about the data. 3. Knit your TA, review it, and submit once you are satisfied it is complete I’ll attach a detailed example TA, please follow each of the step to work on this new TA. ...
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