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course model concepts along with organizational and systems diagramming. see attached file

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Hello! This is the second of two word problems for Systems Analysis and Design. This is designed to test your understanding of course model concepts along with organizational and systems diagramming. This assignment is worth 50 points. This assignment is due on April 22nd Here are the following requirements and questions: 1. (5 points) First, write an honor statement - the statement should, at a minimum address two of the sub-items. ​Also, and this is important, you must write a unique statement for each assignment.​ Why? How honorable is it to copy and paste a statement when you are being asked to do otherwise? Where is the integrity in that? In the context of writing, that is just laziness! Now coding or programming - it’s a different story...but this isn’t programming, now is it? a. In this statement, tell me that this is your own work b. That you’re not going to copy someone else c. That you’re not going to copy this question and give it to anyone else d. That you’re going to abide by the honor code e. That anyone who trusts you is right in doing so - that you’re good at keeping your word. Then, for the scenario below, 2. (5 points) Map the value chain of that organization. a. Using the blank value chain provided in the response format, fill it in for the organization below. 3. (5 points) From the scenario, identify the RAGE factors for all parties in the scenario. Where appropriate, feel free to make assumptions (but mark them! Say “Nagy, this is an assumption…”), and link all roles with actions and goals and link all actions to an environment. Use the Chart provided, and feel free to add additional cells as the number of cells provided may or may not align with all of the items from the case. a. Roles b. Actions c. Goals d. Environment 4. (35 points) Create the necessary analysis diagrams to model the organization. a. Diagrams cannot be hand drawn! Any hand drawn diagrams will not be accepted. Any program is acceptable to use - Power Point, Paint… b. Use Case Diagrams i. Create the level 0 ii. Create the level 1 iii. Create the level 2 - ALL identified from the level 1 diagram. c. Activity Diagrams iv. Create the level 1 v. Create the level 2 - ALL identified from the level 1 diagram. d. Class Diagram Here is the scenario for the assignment: Jackie Reynolds has run Dr. Thompson’s Medical office for fifteen years. But the office has been opened for thirty, and now Dr. Thompson is retiring. As he retires, Dr. Thompson has sold the business to Pinnacle Medical Group, a ficticious, yet real sounding national group of medical offices. Now Jackie has been tasked with changing the of medical office to integrate with Pinnacle. In addition to the three general practitioners who were working with Dr. Thompson (Dr. Jones, Dr. Wu, and Dr. Smith), the office will now support two gereontologists (doctors for old people), two pediatricians (doctors for children), and two orthopaedics (doctors for bones/athletes). Each of these types of doctors needs to log into a common system - Big Data’s VAsher system. But VAsher has multiple components - one for each specialist. Dr. Thompson’s office has traditionally kept paper records and files and phoned in perscriptions and other medical treatments. But this VAsher system doesn’t allow for paper records, nor does it allow for the physician’s office to phone in persciptions or other medical treatments. Now this may not be a problem, because Dr. Thompson’s office is located next to a SideYellow (Not Wallgreens) Drug Store and often patients would get annoyed because their perscription wasn’t phoned in before they could make it to the pharmacy. Knowing that patients must register for an appointment, see a physcian at an appointment, have a physician percribe either drugs, therapy, or surgery, then fulfill that treatment, diagram what you can from the scenario above. Here is the format for the response of the assignment: 1. Honor statement: (Remember, at a minimum, two items - and don’t be lazy! Write a new statement.) 2. Value Chain Analysis - in the past, some students have just filled out the Value Chain with the Value Chain segments...this will earn you zero (0) points! From the scenario, what is an inbound logistic? What is an operation? Etc...fill these items into the Value Chain provided...notice how each segment is already labeled? 3. RAGE factors from the case Role(s) Action(s) for each role Goal(s) Environment Example: Role 1 Action 1 for role 1 Goal 1 for role 1 Environment 1 for action 1 Action 2 for role 1 Role 2 Action 1 for role 2 Environment 2 for actoin 2 Goal 1 for role 2 Environment 1 for action 1 4. Diagrams - Remember! Appropriately label everything - if it is not labeled, it doesn’t count! Also, no hand-drawn diagrams. ...
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