in-depth exploration of the graphic novel Watchmen using one of the five critical approaches


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Cite(quote from)5-10 credible sources

. At least 3 must beeper -reviewed scholarly journal articles

Your essay must include outside

research and be 2000-3500 words, not including the Works Cited page.

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#1: Gender #2: Marxism #3: Historical #4: Psychological #5: Ecocriticism These are the approaches please include them in my paper! Please read the other attachment and everything is in there and in details. This paper is do in 3 weeks thank you! Overview Provide an in-depth exploration ofthe graphic novel Watchmen using one of the fivecritical approaches we discussed(historical,psychological, gender, eco-critical, or Marxist) as a lens. Your essay must include outside research and be 2000-3500 words, not including the Works Cited page. Audience, Evidence, and StructureUse the “Introduction to Critical Approaches handout to determine which critical approach you are taking, which terminology you shouldtry to incorporate, and which pitfalls to avoid. Develop a thesis and claims to support it which clearly reflect this approach. Assume that your readers have read Watchmen,but have not read the outside sources you will be providing to back up your claims and haven’t looked at the graphic novel through this lens. Cite(quote from)5-10 credible sources . At least 3 must beeper -reviewed scholarly journal articles or professionally published books accessed through the Grossmont College Library databases . Refer back to “Researching Credible Sources” for help on how to navigate the article databases on the Grossmont College Library’s web site.  Integrate outside sources using standard MLA format, and follow the 5 -step process laid out in “Quoting Sources Using MLA as well as the “Constructing a Works Cited Page tutorial.Develop claims that relate clearly back to your thesis statement.In other words, do not let your outside sources drive the structure of your essay by simply summarizing what others have to say. Be sure your thesis statement and claims all clearly reflect one of the critical approaches. Incorporate evidence from the graphic novel in each body paragraph this includes both quotes and 5-15 images When referencing any examples from Watchmen, cite the chapter, page, and panel number.Include at least one countering move This will be highlighted blue. How to Use both Forwarding & Countering Moves with Outside Sources Support your own ideas with the prestige of established critics’ names,essentially augmenting your authority via academic name -dropping. •Disagree with a known critic, challenging his or her ideas. Do not be intimidated by big names: Your challenge more than likely will be welcome to many readers who share your disagreement. •Accept a critic’s general statement and apply it specifically —perhaps in ways not originally intended by the critic. •Conversely you can accept a critic’s specific statement and apply itgenerally .You do not need to find critics who write expressly about your topic. In fact, the stronger, the more original your thinking, the less likely it will be that you will find such specific support. Instead find critics who develop related ideas . ...
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