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A short essay (2-3pages) of a case study.

•Due date/time:April23rd5pmon Canvas

Instructions:•Choose one violent weather activity from 1) midlatitude cyclone; or 2)

tornado; or 3) tropical cyclone (hurricane)

•read materials (textbook, lecture notesand/or googling) about that violent weather activity case

•Summarize what you’ve learned from the case study:

•Structure and/or

•Evolution and/or

•Damage and/or

• Anything you think cool about the violent weather case

•Cases FYI (but not limited to the following cases):

•1) midlatitude cyclone/nor'easter

•Stella of 2017

•Super Storm of 1993 (Storm of the Century)

•2) tornado

•Joplin Tornado of 2011

•Oklahoma MooreTornado of 2013

•3) hurricane

•Katrina of 2005

•Sandy of 2012

•Harvey of 2017

•Irma of 2017

•Florence of 2018

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