Hand written lab due TONIGHT. Around 8 problems regarding LEWIS STRUCTURES.



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General Chemistry class instructions are straight forward and there is a rubric I would love for you to follow!

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Name ______________________ Team Name _________________ CHM111 Lab – Lewis Structures – Grading Rubric Criteria 1. Correct Lewis Structure drawn (0.5 point/structure) Points possible 6 2. Correct Lewis Structure drawn (0.5 point/structure) 2 3. Correct partial charges (δ+ and δ-), and bond type. 2 4. Correct Lewis Structure drawn with correct geometry, bond angles, and polarity. 5 5. Correct FC and favored structure 1 6. Resonance, FC, and favored structure 2 7. Correct dipoles 1 8. Dipoles drawn and explained. 1 20 Total Subject to additional penalties as per the instructor Points earned CHM 1. 111 Lab Lewis Structures Name: ______________________ Draw Lewis structures for the following: (A) NH3 valence e- = (D) HOCl (O is central) valence e- = (B) HCP valence e- = (E) CF4 valence e- = (C) NO3– valence e- = (F) SOF2 valence e- = (G) SO43– valence e- = (H) NH4+ valence e- = (J) SiO2 valence e- = (K) O3 valence e- = (L) CH3CH2OH valence e- = (M) CH3NH2 valence e- = 2. 3. There are some rare cases where the octet rule is not obeyed. Groups 2 and 3 can have incomplete octets and periods, while groups 3, 4, and 5 can expand their octet. With this in mind draw the Lewis Structures for: (A) BeH2 (C) I3- (B) SF6 (D) ClF3 Classify the following bonds as pure covalent, polar covalent, or ionic. If polar covalent, indicate the polarity of the bond with δ- and δ+. The element with the lower electronegativity is labeled with a δ+. (A) H – Cl (E) C – C (B) N – Br (F) S – O (C) H – C (G) I – Br (D) K – Cl (H) S – B 4. Molec ular Formul a NOBr SiF4 XeF4 PCl5 CO2 Lewis Structure Number of electron groups on central atom Number of lone pairs on central atom Molecular Geometry Bond angle(s) Polar? Yes or No Hybridization 5. Calculate formal charge for each atom. Circle the most favorable structure, if any. 6. Draw resonance structures for the following molecules. Calculate formal charge for each atom. Circle the most favorable structure, if any. a) COBr2 b) CH3CONH2 (connectivity as shown below) 7. For each of the following, draw all bond dipoles on the first structure, then draw the net dipole on the second structure. If non-polar, write “no net”. Bond dipoles ex: Net dipole ex: 8. The following are the two possible Lewis structures for C2H2F2. Will both of them have the same dipole moment? Draw bond dipoles, net dipole direction, and explain your answer. ...
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