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Please read and follow all directions "to the letter" as my professor puts it:

Technical instructions for writing assignments:

Your papers will be 1000 words minimum to 1500 words maximum, DOUBLE-SPACED. Papers that fall below the minimum word count will receive a 0 score (quotation of lyrics and/or other text does not count toward your total word count, nor does works cited/bibliography). Your ideas need to be presented in clear, correct language with proper punctuation, sentence structure, etc. Use proper citation when necessary and proper formatting when referring to a song title, album title or artist/group (tip: use the text as a model). Communicating clearly and effectively via the written word is an important part of this course. Your writing should reflect a thoughtful approach to the question(s) and a technical proficiency befitting college-level prose. Grading will be based upon content, original ideas, presentation, and technical accuracy.

As far as citations go, if you feel you need a works cited page or bibliography, you probably do. Use whatever style manual you’re most comfortable with (and do not count the bibliography toward your word count either).

Writing Assignment 4 Prompt:

At the beginning of the semester I drew your attention to, and asked you to consider, a specific quote in the text by David Byrne of the Talking Heads:

Rock is dead. The attitude isn’t dead, but the music is no longer vital. It doesn’t have the same meaning. The attitude, though is still very much alive-and it still informs other kinds of music.”

I’d like you to think back to the initial reaction you had to this statement and then reflect and critically discuss your position now. Has that changed? Has what you learned in the class reinforced your feelings about rock music or has it changed them? Do you agree or disagree with Byrne? If your feelings about rock have changed please explain what factors caused that change. Likewise, if your feelings have remained the same or strengthened please explain that, too. Feel free to draw on any of the discussions, readings, music and so forth that we’ve explored to justify your position.

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Shortened the Semester Playlist to a few chapters, favs being 1,5,6,7. The playlists wouldn’t copy so I wrote all the artists. Ch 1. Basics of Rock AC/DC Guns N’ Roses the beatles eric Clapton the who Led Zeppelin Ch. 4 American Rock Before 1964 Boddy Rydel Del Shannon The Crystals The Ronettes Chuck Jackson Tom Paxton Phil Ochs Joan Baez Bob Dylan Peter, Paul and Mary The Beach Boys Ch 5. The Beatles and The British Invasion Cliff Richard & The Drifters The Beatles The Rolling Stones The Yardbirds Cream The Who Ch 6. American Rock From 1964 to 1969 Bob Dylan The Byrds The Youngbloods The Beach Boys Frank Zappa The Doors Jimi Hendrix Grateful Dead Big Brother & The Holdings Creedence Clearwater Revenge Santana Sly & The Family Stone Ch. 7 Mainstream Rock In The 70’s Elton John Billy Joel Stevie Wonder Carole King James Taylor John Lennon Wings Marvin Gaye Paul Simon Bruce Springsteen Carly Simon Linda Rondstadt Rod Stewart Fleetwood Mac Queen Eagles America Parliament The Wailers Donna Summer Missing Chapters Ch 2. American Music Before Rock: A Brief History Chapter 3: The Fifties, R&B, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Chapter 8: Hard Rock, Punk, and Heavy Metal in the Seventies Chapter 9: Art Rock, Progressive Rock, and Fusion in the Seventies Chapter 10: Mainstream Rock in the Eighties Chapter 11: Hard Rock in the Eighties Chapter 12: Heavy Metal in the Eighties Chapter 13: Grunge and Alternative Metal in the Nineties Chapter 14: Alternative Rock in the Nineties ...
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