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This is based by my University in Panama

QLU ( Quality Leadership University)

There are no limit in pages, since there are 6 main question Im gonna need min 6 pages single spaces

You can use graphs, bullet point, anything

Objectives and Tasks:

1. Explore existing structures, programs, resources, and services offered by other universities and institutions around the world. Separate in 3 categories: what do Panamanian universities do in terms of entrepreneurship, what do regional universities do (search Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, México, etc.), and what do world class universities offer (look for USA universities and Europe). Prepare a report with a synthesis of what is offered.

2. Design and pilot a follow-up survey for QLU entrepreneurs (current students and graduates), that can become an online registry where anyone can access the entrepreneurs, see their contact info, network with them, and get information about the products and services that they offer.

3. Design the Program “QLUEmprende” where QLU provides resources, programs and services to its current students and graduates. This program seeks to support and strengthen the efforts that entrepreneurs make,

4. Come up with the schematic model (visually and written through a proposal), of some of the services and offerings as part of the program. What do they look like? Where are they found? What is offered?

5. Propose a 24-month timeline (along with Budget) for the implementation of this program, starting with the components that are easier to complete, and allowing enough time for the development of the programs that take longer to complete.

6. Propose different ways in which QLU can train or improve the education on entrepreneurship. What is QLU currently doing? What else do we need to do to properly ensure that all students receive entrepreneurship training? What do people want and how do they want it to look like? Are they workshops, short classes, certificate programs, or an entire academic program?

Learning Objectives (use for learning agreement).

  • Develop report-writing and presentation skills,and be able to defend these inputs to a board of trustees.
  • Synthesize information from different sources and about different components of a proposal.
  • Make recommendations based on the variety of findings that are gathered, and support thus recommendations with evidence.
  • Capacity and creativity to design programs and projects that propose a solution to a problem or that fill a needs gap.
  • Learn how to seek and write up reports regarding background information about the current status of a problem.

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