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your international organisation's human resource management strategy. As a result will be expected to submit a report with your recommendations to the HR Director.

(Multinational Corporation)METRO group is one of Germany's largest and most successful companies, the second largest trading and retail group in Europe and the third largest in the world.The report will study the metro group,your audit is from an 'HR' perspective as it is likely that the business will establish a joint venture in the new market which will require some staff to be recruited locally and also the relocation of some expatriate staff from within your organisation to manage the new venture alongside those of your joint venture partner.

Your report should highlight the HR functions as listed below. Your report will analyse a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 of the following HR Practices:

1. Recruitment and Selection

2. Training and Development

3. Reward Management

After 1 - 3 above you have to include the following approaches to the HR practices :

In each of your chosen areas of HR practice, please identify how your recommended strategies will impact upon:

I. Organisational Performance

II. Employee Commitment

III. Workforce Flexibility

I. Workforce Quality

In addition the report should include:

The purpose of the report – a brief overview of the selected sector for the last five years and its developments and challenges and future needs. This assignment will assess all of the learning outcomes for this module.

Your data response should include an analysis, using both qualitative and quantitative data, of the following:

  • Key economic drivers in the Host country
  • A comparative analysis of HR systems globally
  • Organisational issues that influence the development and implementation of HRM strategy (Cross-cultural training for expatriates, T&D section) and the social aspect of the host country in the (PESTLE analysis). Please use the following structure below as a guide to the content your tutor(s) will expect to see in your assignment based upon the learning outcomes being assessed.
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