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Identify any quote that is interesting or meaningful to you, and use it as a theme that helps you discuss three distinct topics from the class so far. These topics can be your choice of any theories, studies, key terms, etc. in PSYC1 up until this point (Modules 1-8). Write about what interests you! Note: the source of the quote can be any person (fictional or non-fictional) or even a song lyric.

Your objective is to demonstrate an understanding of any three topics of your choice from the class, yet tied together with a quote. In describing your three chosen topics, you should provide enough detail so that someone unfamiliar with psychology would have a basic comprehension of each after reading your essay. Aside from providing your chosen quote somewhere in your essay, do not use any other direct quotes in your paper – you should paraphrase everything into your own words, given the relatively short length of this essay. Moreover, please indicate where each of the three topics is originally discussed (e.g., provide the chapter or page number).

Essays should be 1.5 pages double-spaced, minimum, but less attention will be given to length compared to content. There are no specific format requirements (e.g., MLA, APA, etc.), but organization is important. (when it says module 1-8 it means from chapter 1-8)

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The quote that I find interesting was uttered by John F Kennedy and stated that “change
is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”
From these words, it is apparent that people are advised to embrace and accept change, and to do
so, they should stop dwelling in the past and present so that they may have a nice future.
However, to ensure that change happens, one has to consider their psychological wellbeing.
Some people are so tied up to their past to the extent that they do not know that they are
jeopardizing their future. In many instances, they have problems; therefore, one should come up
with ef...

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