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I need help with these few questions that is attached in this powerpoint. Thank you so much.

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La Malinche Ch 6 Vocabulary The vocabulary with audio for pronunciation El alma - el espíritu; soul the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal. el/la malvado(a) - una persona muy mala ; villain la piel - lo que cubre el cuerpo; skin el vicio - un defecto; una característica mala; vice enamorarse de - to fall in love with evitar - to avoid importar - to be important; to matter juzgar - to judge débil - weak extranjero(a) - una persona de otro lugar; de otro país; foreigner; stranger extranjero/a - foreigner extranjero/a - stranger extraño(a) - raro(a); strange Fuerte - el contrario de <> ; strong tal vez - posiblemente; maybe; perhaps ¿ ? Tener miedo de - to be scared of Volverse loco(a) - to go crazy Match the English to the Spanish Move the boxes close to their equivalent strong It wasn’t important to him/her No me importa outsider soul It’s important to me alma extranjero No le importaba fuerte Pareo: Move the definition next to the vocabulary term 1. Tal vez A. hacer cosas raras (strange) 2. El vicio B. el aspecto espíritual 3. En extranjero C. sentir amor D. el contrario de <> 4. juzgar 5. La piel 6. Volverse loco E. no por seguro (uncertain) F. formar una opinión 7. El malvado G. una parte del cuerpo humano 8. enamorarse H. una persona de otro país 9. El alma I. el contrario de <> 10. fuerte J. una mala costumbre Answer 4 of the 7 questions on the next slide Your answers to 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 4 of the 7 questions on the previous slide. English is fine. Malinche Part II - story w/ audio click If you have the story at home, no need to click above unless you want to hear the story. After reading or listening to the text, click here to answer questions on Google Forms - If the link doesn’t work, make sure you’re in your student google account Malinche in Art Doña Marina, Malintzin, Malinche No writing or visual image is known today that records doña Marina’s own words or thoughts. However, she has been depicted in artwork throughout history. In many works of art (obras) she is depicted in a different way. What kinds of perspective are portrayed about this female character in the following obras? Label each painting on the following slides with either Malintzin, Doña Marina, or Malinche, depending on the perspective of the illustrator. If you think the woman is portrayed as a young child, write Malintzin; if you think it is of a Christened woman, write Doña Marina; if you think the artwork shows a traitor, write Malinche. If you’re not sure, write your interpretation of the painting. Justify your answers. Eng. or Spa. Meeting with Moctezuma II in Tenochtitlan, November 8, 1519. Unknown Tlaxcalan artists via Wikimedia Commons Codex Azcatitlan, Early 16thcentury indigenous pictorial manuscript of the conquest of Mexico Canción La Maldición de la Malinche ...
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