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1. Read the PowerPoint, “Final Learning Module: Family, Culture, and Community," Supplemental Information, Roots and Wings by Stacey York. In addition, read Chapter 8, “Families,” in your textbook, “Valuing Diversity: Early Childhood Education.” By L. Follari. Next, view the Etext videos for Chapter 8. A. List and expand on two or more powerful points of interest or learned concepts that you took away from Chapter 8 by Follari. B. List and expand on two or more powerful points of interest or learned concepts that you took away from the PowerPoint, “Final Learning Module: Family, Culture, and Community.” Please do not include your view of the holidays. You will address that question below.

2. A. After reviewing the section on “Culturally Relevant” in the PowerPoint, “Final Learning Module: Family, Culture, and Community,” in your own words, describe your understanding of “Culturally Relevant” in terms of teaching in an early childhood program. B.What was your opinion of Lynette's “Biker Show and Tell?” C. List two activities or ideas that you will incorporate to expose your students to the wider community, or to bring the community into your classroom.

3. Read the article, “Planning Holiday Celebrations: An Ethical Approach to Developing Policy and Practice” by Campbell, Jamsek, and Jolley. Reread the section in the PowerPoint regarding holiday celebrations. A. Share your views with your peers and your instructor. B. Share your solution? (Note: Religious programs celebrate religious holidays as supported by the mission of their program).

4. Before the class comes to a close, we are going to circle back to “Culture.” After reviewing the PowerPoint on "Native American Boarding Schools" and viewing the Video Clip of Andrew Windy Boy, complete the following: Think back to our Learning Module on "Culture." How would you feel if your entire culture was stripped away? How would you feel if all of a sudden you could no longer speak your native language? How would you feel if you were stripped of your clothes, your traditions, and your family practices? How would you feel if your hair was cut, and your self-perceived identity was stolen? How would you feel if your culture was stripped away? Windy Boy's story helps us to deeply understand the meaning of "culture." A. Share your thoughts with the class based on Windy Boy’s experience coupled with your newfound knowledge from taking this class. Some Native American adults report that they had a positive experience attending a Native American Boarding School. It appears that each school was different depending on the administration and the geographic location. As time moved forward, the schools were closely monitored to ensure that the children were treated with kindness and respect.

5. Read, "What I Leave Behind." How does this passage relate to you as you conclude your work in this course?

6. Sum up what you have learned from this class by writing 5 thoughtful statements beginning with, I’ve learned…..

7. Finally, bid farewell to your instructor and your student peers.

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