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BS replies Dinesh Katakam - Wednesday, 22 April 2020, 9:25 PM Christian universities today facing the huge challenges and increasing threats to the freedom and are completely mocked by the secular counterparts. To address these issues, universities are finding the new solutions so that students can focus on the academic activities rather than focusing on unproductive activities. Another common challenge Christian universities are facing is managing the financial resources and generate the positive outcomes. Due to the increased cost of higher education today, this university facing the huge challenges and low enrolment rates in the past few years (Glanzer, 2012). Covid-19 pandemic crisis impacted the whole human being life very badly specially in the countries like China, Italy, Spain, United States etc. and they are trying hard ways to prevent the potential impacts of the Covid-19 on day to day life. Due to this crisis, people are unable go out from the houses and staying in home and doing selfisolation so that they can protect their lives and safeguard their families from the potential impacts of Covid-19. Covid-19 crisis has completely changed the way of living of the people and the way want to lead the social life. Due to the increasing severity of the Covid-19 now people are unable to move freely in the society and staying in home for the safe side (Nicola & Alsafi, 2020). There are many things I would like to discuss with my future generation specially our culture and the way we are leading the life so that our next generation will be happy. People lives are changing day to day, in the current days people are relying more on the technologies even for the small activities which may give them quick results but impacting the personal life. I would like to ensure that my next generation should not rely fully on the technologies and focus on the manual efforts so that they can stay physically fit and healthy. References Glanzer, P. (2012). The First Ukrainian Christian University: The Rewards and Challenges of Being an Eastern Anomaly. Christian Higher Education, 11(5), 320– 330. Nicola, M. & Alsafi, Z. (2020). The Socio-Economic Implications of the Coronavirus and COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review. Journal of health emergency collection, volume 16, number 22, 2020. Tejdeep Nayini - Thursday, 23 April 2020, 8:08 PM Christian colleges and also the universities are challenged with many difficulties because they try to make learners to seek biblical fact and to include a Gospel observer within a diminished world. Within a culture obsessed with political precision, the power of Scripture grows vague at best (Hedin, 2010). While culture matures frequently opposed to biblical interpretations, Christian schools' responsibilities toward gender, including sexuality, individual origins, including the sacredness of life — from understanding to death — remain challenged continuously. The explosion of this specific novel coronavirus — including the disease it creates, Covid-19 — proceeds to grow at a fast pace (Ayittey,, 2010). With ever-increasing occurrence counts throughout the world, lessons to prepare, uncertainty over-testing, including establishment and company closures, it’s no surprise that issues are surging. One method to present our children with confidence in unpredictable times is by facts, for instance, telling them the proof so far gives children remain less inclined to encounter severe signs than grown ups. You can further assist future generation them get a feeling of direction by providing them plans to further limit them getting the disease. the World Health Organization (WHO) states one should channel our interest into good sanitation. Encourage your kids to clean their hands with soap plus water regularly . The idea of an instructor as this knowledge-holder who grants knowledge to their followers is no longer fit for a 21st-century learning. References: Ayittey, F. K., Ayittey, M. K., Chiwero, N. B., Kamasah, J. S., & Dzuvor, C. (2020). Economic impacts of Wuhan 2019‐nCoV on China and the world. Journal of Medical Virology. Hedin, N. (2010). Experiential learning: Theory and challenges. Christian Education Journal, 7(1), 107-117. MIS replies Sai Dinesh Chigurupati - Wednesday, 22 April 2020, 7:28 AM During the time at residency we played an interesting simulation game called Fishbanks. In which we were teamed up as a group and competed with other groups. We were given a task as a fisherman to maximize the net worth in the fishbanks game. Each team was given specific number of ships initially which can be places in available three locations that is either in deep or coast or harbor. There are 10 rounds in game, in which each round is treated as a year. (Short, J. E. (2010). Initially 2 ships are given along with the statistics, in year-1 we sent two ships to deep to increase our net worth as there is more fishing in deep. In year -2 we bought 2 more ships and sailed all the ships to deep. After year 5 we observed decrease income and our net worth went to negative. As we concentrated only on fishing, we bought more ships every year and operated them only in deep. After year 6,7 & 8 we have too many ships with declined fishing rate which are operating with high cost which caused huge loss in net worth. For remaining years, we operated ships near harbor and coast due to increased operating cost and fuel cost to send the ships to deep. By year 10 our net worth was low which left us with huge loss and too many ships.(Rooker, J., Dokken, Q., Pattengill), Professor tracked all the teams work each year on an excel sheet. After year 10 professor gave tips to each team depending on their yearly performance. For our team professor suggested not to fish constantly and buy too many ships as operating cost will be increased. Luckily, we have chance to play second round in which we were able to perform better avoiding overfishing which resulted in increased net worth. According to me this is the best exercise in improving teamwork along with explain the use of technology in developing an organization. This exercise also helped to understand basic and most important aspects which are useful for every organization to grow such as teamwork, importance of the variable factor and the track of their business in from previous years. Any company which uses some simulation like fishbanks, will greatly increase economy of an organization by successfully competing with other companies. Srivastav, N. (August, 2018). References Davenport, T. H., & Short, J. E. (2010). The new industrial engineering: information technology and business process redesign. Rooker, J., Dokken, Q., Pattengill, C. et al. Fish assemblages on artificial and natural reefs in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, Naujok, N., Fleming, H., Srivastav, N. (August, 2018). Digital technology and sustainability: Positive mutual reinforcement. Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for the Earth . (2018). Venkata Neehar Mullapati - Friday, 24 April 2020, 1:50 PM Social Media and Networking in the Fishing Industry The potential customers for the fishing business that has recently begun are primarily the domestic market. The primary business target is the easily accessible customers within the range of their location. Firstly, the primary market has the most significant number of potential customers of the fish business. The primary market includes local villagers, wholesalers, and retailers. These participants are critical customers to the fishing industry that has recently started. Again, customers in different states are also potential clients to the business. With the right marketing methods, the company may win customers from different parts of the country and the globe. Based on the services and products that are delivered by the fishing industry, the following social media channels may be used to market themselves; twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp (Ismail and Khalid 2015). WhatsApp is a digital platform that enables individuals to communicate via video, sound, and text conversation with the use of a specific appropriate device. It is beneficial in that it has numerous users hence the potential of reaching a more comprehensive and extensive market when used for marketing. However, the platform is not helpful as it is dependent on a device for it to run or be accessible; hence, information on the advertisement may not reach the individuals without the accessories. Facebook, on the other hand, is a digital platform that connects people by way of images and text conversations globally. Its ease of access and numerous users make it beneficial for marketing. However, the platform is not helpful as it is dependent on a device for it to run or be accessible; hence information on the advertisement may not reach the individuals without the accessories. Twitter is a digital platform that allows people to share ideas and provides room for comments on the ideas shared by specific individuals. Twitter is easy to access and has quite a significant number of users. However, many of its users may not be interested in the advertisement posts shared as the platform is more politically dominated. To facilitate the sustainability of the newly started fishing business, several implementations will be made. However, much attention will be drawn to the increase in the level of technology within the company. Improvement of technology will ensure the continuous flow of operations within the business (Ismail and Khalid 2015). The introduction of online shopping and the development of communication methods are the areas of focus. Online shopping technology will facilitate customers ordering from the comfort of their homes whatever they want and whenever they want it. Installation of a smooth communication set up ensures the correct information is transmitted from one person to the other, and no misunderstandings occur within the business operations. References Ismail, A. S., & Khalid, H. (2015, August). Leveraging Social Media for the Fishing Industry: An Exploratory Study. In International Conference on HCI in Business (pp. 106-117). Springer, Cham. ...
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