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Article site: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.13...

Requirement from professor:

Final Project Details

What Am I Looking For?


  • break up your problem into sub-problems - outline!
  • some of the sub-problems could include:
    • implementing model on small part
    • getting/loading data sets
    • visualize parts of the data
    • clear about conclusions in literature
    • complete project on small part, then generalize
  • work on this every day (even just a little)
  • email me frequently!

What Is the Product?

  • Notebook as a tutorial on the subject matter
  • Length around 10 pages (arbitrary)

I attached the objective list, and the dataset file.

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Expectation Understand the logic of an algorithm or program Understand python operators Understand python functions Understand the data frame in pandas Understand the relationship between math and programs Understand the presentation of data Understand fitting parameters to data Automation General Independence Objective Be able to write a recipe for a given problem, in pseudo-code, given the rules of the problem. Be able to break a problem up into independent smaller problems, even in the case where you don't know how to solve each piece yet Able to perform math on python variables in a program Able to write proper conditional forms without mistaking equality for comparison operators Be able to loop through many files to perform numerical analysis or some other process Be able to write a function to encapsulate a part of a program used many times Be able to properly identify the input and output arguments of a function to make the function useful Decompose a problem by defining functions which accept parameters and produce return values. Be able to load data from excel and csv files into python Be able to select usable subsets of the data to use in in analysis Be able to translate a simulation in mathematical form to proper code Be able to interepret the result of a simulation as it applies to the physical problem Be able to perform a parameter exploration to understand the roles of parameters in numerical models Be able to plot the effect of changing parameters on the results of a simulation Create, evaluate, and revise data visualization for communication and knowledge. Be able to use properly, and note the misuse of, font families, font sizes, real estate, markers and lines in the presentation of data Be able to select the proper visualization given the data and problem at hand Be able to apply a linear regression in 1 variable, plot and interpret the resulting fit Be able to apply a linear regression in more than one variable, plot and interpret the resulting fit Be able to describe the statistical meaning of the p-values associated with the fit parameters Be able to perform MCMC statistical model to fit parameters of simulation and interpret the results Be able to demonstrate the use of automation to perform some operation on a large number of smaller pieces of data, or files Analyze a complex data set to answer a question or test a hypothesis (e.g., analyze a large set of weather or financial data to predict future patterns). Identify a problem that cannot be solved by humans or machines alone and design a solution for it by decomposing the task into sub-problems suited for a human or machine to accomplish (e.g., a human-computer team playing chess, forecasting weather, piloting airplanes). Engage in systematic testing and debugging methods to ensure program correctness. Be able to communicate the solution to a problem effectively to others By the end of the semester, be able to independently demonstrate the use of variables, loops, and data structures when appropriate By the end of the semester, be able to independently demonstrate reading common error messages - e.g. File Not Found, Name Undefined Be able to develop a research project into actionable steps, and demonstrate those steps as a program Example find the first 1000 prime numbers, write a simulation of a ball falling given the mathematical equations, etc... ...
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