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Write a 3 (full pages) page paper , 10 pt font, times new roman, MLA style, single spaced on any subject(s) that has peaked your interest from the two required readings of this semester. Required readings are as follow: You May Ask Yourself: An Introduction to Thinking Like a Sociologist (5th Edition) by Dalton Conley (ISBN 9780393602388) AND Seven Theories of Human Society (1981) by Tom Campbell (ISBN 9780198761051). Both texts must be used in the paper and additional sources are also allowed to be used, all sources must be put in a works cited at the end of the paper. Both books must have multiple citations within the paper and it would be optimal to pick at least one subject to write about that was discussed in both required readings along with an abstract. Indent the first line of each new paragraph, and please come up with a creative title related to the subject(s) you choose to write about. You can pick any subject from both the books and can write about how you found that subject to be interesting, infuriating, incorrect, dubious, or exciting. Need it back by May 1st.

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Decreased social integration increases the risk or threat of suicide
contemporary sociological research collaborates with the notion of egoistic suicide
Excessive social integration can also cause suicide.
Social regulation also influences the increase in suicide and suicide rates
Excessive social regulation causes fatalistic suicide.


The Sociology of Suicide
Suicide draws mixed reactions from people, and its consequences may present lifelong challenges to the
family, community, and friends of the victim. The reason why this subject drew my interest is the fact that most
people do not understand the actual underlying issues that cause suicide. Instead, most people assume that suicide
results from depressions, alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illnesses, gambling, and other catastrophic life
occurrences. However, Durkheim observed that suicide was caused mostly by the imbalance in the social structures.
Durkheim explained that suicide typically results from the disequilibrium that exists is social constructs such as
social regulation and integration. Durkheim identified various kinds of suicide that result from this imbalance,
namely egoistic suicide, fatalistic suicide, anomic suicide, and altruistic suicide.
Suicide is a key public health concern and one of the top causes of death in the U.S and across the world. It
is one of the ten leading reasons of death occurrence amongst adults in the western industrialized nations, and the
second most common cause of death among young people (15-35) (Holligan and McLean 1). The consequences of
suicide go past the victim, and it can have a lifelong effect on the family, peers, friends, and the general society.
Statistical data provided by the World Health Organization shows that approximately 800,000 people commit
suicide annually. This implies that one person commits suicide every 40 seconds (WHO n.d). Suicide is a worldwide
phenomenon that happens throughout a lifetime. Emile Durkheim's input to comprehending suicide through the
sociological lens grapples with the existing social structures together with their differential consequences on the
victims of suicide. I find the subject on suicide from the two readings, You May Ask Yourself: An Introduction to
Thinking Like a Sociologist and Seven Theories of Human Society, interesting because it offers insights on the
underlying causes of suicide. In several societies, most people tend to blame the suicide victim without first
understanding the reasons behind their actions. Many people associate suicide with depression, mental illnesses,
drug addiction, poverty, and catastrophic events, among others. According to Durkheim, these are just inadequate
individualistic accounts because suicide is shaped by social forces that are bey...

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