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You will create a portfolio that describes your understanding of the Social Cognitive Learning Theory. Your portfolio should contain three pieces: content presentation, example learning situation, and reflection. All three components should be submitted as a single packet, such as a Microsoft PowerPoint file, a Microsoft Word file, or a link to a web page.

  • The content presentation for each theory component should include (at a minimum):
    • description of the learning theories, including a description of what learning is according to the theory,
    • brief history of the major learning theorists and their contributions to the theories,
    • critical components/ principles/ terminology of the theories, and
    • a list of principles/models/theories drawn from the theory that inform instruction i.e., explain how the instructional theory is based on the principles of the learning theory.

The content presentation (PowerPoint, Word, or web-based pages) for each theory component should be NO LONGER than 15 slides [or equivalent in a web page format], be visually appealing, and technically correct in content and grammar/punctuation.

  • The learning situation(SAME situation used for all 3 theories) should include:
    • brief description of a learning activity, including recommended instructional approach (1-3 slides or 1 page). For example, describe how a child learns to use a toothbrush. It is strongly suggested that you seek professor approval for your learning situation. This part will remain the same in the three parts of your portfolio.
    • brief description of how the learning situation is described by the social cognitive learning theory (1-3 slides or 1 page). For example, explain how a child learns to use a toothbrush from the Social Cognitive Learning Theory’s You would explain the learning situation using SCLT concepts such as modeling and observational learning.
  • The reflection for each theory component should be:
    • a written narrative about your thoughts on the theory responding at a minimum to the following questions: (1–3 slides or 1-2 pages)
      • How does this learning theory inform the design of instruction?
      • What questions do you still have about the theory?
      • How were the activities in this unit reflective of the learning theory, or not?
      • How have your ideas about learning and instruction changed, or not, and why?

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