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The first paragraph will involve reading three of the papers on white supremacy that were written by your classmates for the assignment due a few weeks ago. The first was authored by one of your American Indian classmates (KFM paper #1); the second, by one of your white classmates (KFM paper #2); and the third, by one of your African-American classmates (KFM paper #3). Each of these papers, then, represents a different perspective on white supremacy. Your assignment is to read these three papers of your classmates and to write a paragraph on at least two ways they improve your understanding of how white supremacy works. Note that the papers are anonymous, and I have received permission from each of the scholars to share their work.

For the second paragraph, your assignment is to research and write about racial/ethnic and/or tribal differences with respect to the COVID 19 pandemic, differences that reflect white supremacy, racism, and other social phenomena, in a way that pays particular attention to American Indians. This said, you are welcome to write about the modicum of media attention that has been given to African-American health outcomes (or related topics) during the pandemic. I ask only that, either primarily or in tandem, you address American Indians. If you are struggling to find information, I have several leads for you. Google “coronavirus in the Navajo Nation,” “coronavirus and the Indian Health Service,” and even the decision, announced today, of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to donate $100,000 to the Navajo Nation. I encourage you to look widely in Indian Country for information/stories that you find interesting and compelling.

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