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I have a quick rough draft and need to improve it based on professor's comments and instructions

below I will attach

the Instructions

the rough draft

and the professor's comments

the writing must be basic because the student is an english learner and cant have complicated wording

Informative speech
Informative speech

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Hello everyone my name is … I want to first start off by asking you a question how many of you want to live longer be healthier and enable your body to fight off diseases properly? What if there's a simple and easy way to improve our health and appearance instead of spending a lot of time and money The easiest solution for us is to change our eating habits. Here are simple ideas to follow to implement a healthy lifestyle. 1. Start by changing your shopping habits. When you buy food, don't choose food that contains more than six ingredients. No matter how healthy food it may seem, the food companies used to add a lot of manufactured materials to natural food to stay fresh for a longer period, for example, yogurt, which may reach a shelf life of six months is the same yogurt that cannot withstand two weeks in your refrigerator until spoiled. When I started checking the ingredients of the foods that I bought from the store I was amazed, even the innocent-looking yogurt can contains seven artificial ingredients which means that you think you eat useful food and you actually enter into your body a large collection of manufactured substances that carry great damage to the organs of your whole body. 2. Always drink water. Drink plenty of water, especially in hot weather, some may say that drinking water has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle but studies have shown that almost 50% of people confuse the feeling of hunger with the feeling of thirst, the next time you open your refrigerator in search of something to eat, think about the possibility that your body needs only some water. Not to mention the many benefits of drinking water for all organs of the body. 3. Enjoy your life. Life is full of bumps. In order to live a healthy lifestyle, the topic needs patience in dealing with everyday matters. Try to exercise, which is one of the best outdoor walkings. Instead of eating artificial vitamins that strengthen immune systems and improve concentration, instead of using energy drinks with scary side effects, we can change our eating habits to have a better life with less effort. Conclusion, I've informed you of three ways that you can incorporate within a healthy lifestyle in your life. I hope this has made you choose to live a healthier life we all know that living a healthy life can be very demanding stressful and physically draining. so, it' important that you remember to take the right steps into living a healthier life. thank you for listening to me I really hope that's going to help you, just think about this a few things can change our life to better ...
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