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Make a post to a public online platform of your choice (Wakelet, Tumblr, etc.) . You can use video/audio/etc.) to summarize and synthesize information from our readings (Links to an external site). Assume that your readers have not read the core readings, so focus on guiding readers through the material, using key concepts and quotes from the core readings to develop connections.

- every topic should have summary.

- I want just the summary and synthesize.

-summarize and synthesize for all topic in the last.

1- Arguments For and Against Corporate Social Responsibility

2- Poverty and our response to it: Crash Course Philosophy (PBS / Youtube)

3- Karnani - The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility

4- Singh - The Big CSR Debate: Is Responsible Capitalism a Farce?

5- Corporate America Needs to Get Back To Thinking About More Than Just Profits

6- Why Corporate Responsibility is Important

7- Challenges with CSR - Youtube

8- Corporate Social Responsibility: Marketing Tool or Reality? Youtube

9- Bridges - Stop Blaming the Poor for their poverty

10- Robb - Charitable giving leads to a better world for all

11- Why you should care about poverty youtube

12- Tanner (2018) Government Cannot Solve Every Societal Problem

13- Western Nations with Social Safety Net Happier

14- There is only one way out of poverty - Youtube

15- Individual Social Responsibility youtube

16- Porter - Charity's Role in America, and It's Limits - NY Times

17- Poverty Inc. trailer - Does Charity Really Work?

18- Rangel vs Lacy (2013) “Should America Reinstate the Draft”

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