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(Editing in my paper) You, a business professional, desire to move forward in your professional journey. You hire Star Maker Career Consulting. Star Maker asks you to write a memo assessing your skills. The exercise will give Star Maker a sample of your writing and analytical skills and your level of self-awareness.

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1 Answers Question 8 2 3 Cite APA 1 4 5 6 7 8 Target Audience 8 9 10 11 Intro Deductive Paragraph Transition Word Choice Formats Lists, Text Headings Consistent Heading Readable Graphs, Charts, Tables LOC errors/ 2% each 10 Grade 7 8 4 7.5 10 8 0 -8 53.5 MEMO To: From: Date: 4/23/20 Subject: MOVING FORWARD IN PROFESSIONAL JOURNEY My prime motivation in this initiative is addressing the skills and potential I have to convince HR to hire me. Skills are essential in every profession because they expose the abilities of an individual to fit in a particular job opportunity. However, some challenges occur when writing down your experiences, including; academic performance, job search readiness, and professional readiness. The problems limit individuals from moving forward in their career path. I have gained skills and knowledge through my learning that has empowered me as well as prepare me for professional life. Academic performance evaluation and target GPA My GPA is 3.5, which is way higher than the cut of point, which is 3.4. (Adams, year) my goal is to beat applicants with a higher GPA of 3.8 based on my technical skills. I have been able to achieve this GPA through hard work, discipline, and managing my time well, creating enough time for my academics. I am prepared to use more time revising all that I learn in order to achieve my goal of going beyond the applicants with a GPA of 3.8. Job readiness evaluation and improvements to prepare me for the job market In evaluating my job readiness using the Job Readiness Grade Sheet, I found my average performance in job search readiness at 75%. The results have proven to me that I am improving and getting in a better position to acquire a job after college. The assessment at the beginning was below 75%, and hence it shows improvements that can further be improved. The performance from the grade sheet can be attributed to the efforts I have made to join a professional group where I found a mentor who has been very helpful in preparing me for the employment world. My goal is to acquire sufficient networks from social media and sites like LinkedIn to promote my readiness and qualifications. Professional skills and improvements on skills relevant for professional readiness I have gained various skills throughout my learning from which have allowed me to have a good mastery of professional skills. The skills I have acquired have prepared me professionally included leadership skills which I have developed from leading the study group we created with my friends. The group has also improved my teamwork skills as well as communication skills. I have, however, realized I need to improve on my work ethic in order to be able to do my work and interact effectively on a professional level. My goal is to acquire more knowledge on social ethics from my mentor and the professional group I joined. ...
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