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My teacher said, "Choose three ads (from magazines, newspapers, etc) that portray women or men in a way that is using sex or sexuality to sell something. Analyze each ad individually, including the questions blew. You must inclde the ad, and you must write 3/4 of a page (double-spaced) for each ad for your analysis. 1) What is the product being sold? How are they using the woman/women or man/men to sell it? What is the text (written part and are there any double meanings? What is not being said buy might be implied? 2) What do you think about the ad? Is it effective? Why/ Why not? Would it encourage you to buy that product? Why/why not? 3) In your opinion, is the ad ethical? Do you believe its okay to portray a woman or man in that wa in order to sell that product? Why/ Why not? 4) other comment or thoughts you feel are relevant."

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