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Editorial Calendars

Think about how your organization (Franklin Institute in Philadelphia) might develop story ideas around a certain key event or theme. These may not be all ideas that you will use but this is how you would start to develop the Editorial Calendar for your newsletter/website/blog and how you might look to tie your writing to things that "matter" to your organization.

Assume that your organization (Franklin Institute in Philadelphia) will be preparing a newsletter/magazine for the coming year, 2020. Assume for now that it will be a monthly publication that you will have complete control over, including content. Your boss has asked you to draft an Editorial Calendar that can be shared with other staffers and free lance writers who might want to contribute.

The Editorial Calendar can be prepared as a Word table with listings by month. To add to the authenticity, consider the deadlines and add those to the calendar.

The calendar should be for 12 months.

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Franklin Institute Editorial Calendar



Jan 20th

About Benjamin Franklin and History of the Museum
The Museum Now and in the Future
Staff Scientists

Feb 18th

March 21st
April 13th
May 20th
June 19th
July 13th
Aug 1...

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