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Worksheet for IV.VII


1. Download this file and type your responses in the tables below.
BE SURE TO consult the original version of the full HW packet posted to BB for clues to help you complete these tables.

2. Save your completed version of this file.

3. Submit your completed version of this file to the April 16 Turnitin link by 9:30 am (regular start of our class) on April 16.

Tuum Nomen (your name): _____De’Avion Washington

VII. Modern Living Latin

Latin prepositions introduce “prepositional phrases” in sentences. (see page 13 for a definition of prepositional phrase and the Latin word praepositio)

Latin prepositions are also frequently used as prefixes for Latin words – as well as English words.

Seek out the prepositions listed in the VOCABULA for chapters 1-9 and fill in the table below with the Latin word and English meaning(s) as appropriate for the case (Ablative or Accusative) of the object for each.

(hint: one preposition is hiding in Chapter 5 VOCABULA entry for the verb supero)

Latin prep.

English meaning(s) when object is in the Ablative case

Latin prep.

English meaning(s) when object is in the Accusative case


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