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Final Presentation and Report

Your group, a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, is planning to launch an e-Business that’s going to make you all billionaires. You will all come back to Paul College and donate a building each as well. Create a report that describes your business and present your idea in class.

Submit one report per group via Canvas

“Recommended” page limit and formatting

osingle-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font size

Concise writing with substance will be rewarded.

oPlease be aware: fluff, fillers, and redundancies will result in heavy point deductions.

oIt’s all about three things: effort, effort, and effort. God loves who strives to be better. So do I.

Report Contents (At lease 2000 words)

Executive summary (6 points)

oOne-page high level summary only describing key aspects of your business.

Summary of your business (8 points)

oCompany name

oLocation of headquarters

oDescription of key products and/or services

§Include asking prices and/or rates

oWhy do you think your product/service will be a hit?

oProjected number of employees at founding

Unformatted Attachment Preview

COZY A service for all your household needs! Collin Belt, Bridget Burkett, Connor Finucan, Xinmiao Zhao COZY is a one stop shop for all your household services. Find someone to mow your lawn, fix a leaky faucet, shovel the driveway and any other household chore that you can think of! All the service providers are vetted with background checks and have user reviews. Pick from a vast number of service providers for any task you need done! Leave a review after your service is completed. COZY COZY Demand for this Business The problem: setting up a quick and easy way for busy people to connect with independent workers to schedule to get work done around their homes. COZY How it Works STEP 1 Request Schedule STEP 3 Task Payment STEP 5 STEP 2 Rate STEP 4 What it does COZY Instead of having to look up and find someone reliable to do a task for you, you can easily go into the COZY app and already have access to someone in your area that has the qualifications to do the task you need done. COZY Commercial cleaning services: Residential cleaning services: window cleaning, vacuuming, floor care, and other services such as kit cleaning and dusting maid services, carpet & upholstery, and other services such as polishing, vehicle cleaning, & appliances cleaning Service Type Traction COZY • Janitorial employs over 3.2 million in the US • Generates more than $40 billion in the US • North America accounted the maximum revenue in 2015, followed by Asia-Pacific. Market Opportunity 126.22 million homeowners and 2.23 million multifamily rental properties in the United states. --- Residential cleaning services Among the different cleaning services within the commercial segment Commercial cleaning services accounted for the highest revenue of $37,217 million in the overall cleaning services market size in 2015 Huge demand of construction & post-construction cleaning services Forecasts that the global market is expected to garner $74,299 million by 2022, registering a CAGR of 6.2% during the forecast period 2016-2022 Competitive Edge ▪ Direct to customers and workers ▪ Multiple Services offered in the same place ▪ Background and certification checks for workers ▪ Lower price point than big service companies ▪ One time or scheduled services ▪ In app/website reviews ...
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