Make up a superhero story in 2-3 pages; then, explain what elements of the spiritual/super hero the story contains.


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Make up a superhero story in 2-3 pages. Examples: Captain America, Wonder Woman, etc.

Then, in another 2 pages, explain what elements of the superhero the story contains.

The file attached explains the format that hero stories use. Use that to write the story, and use it to explain the elements. (It's like writing a review of the story).

In the explanation portion, include whether the hero had a "foretold birth" or a "pattern of being the savior/enlightened one".

Minimum number of pages: 4

MLA format

12 point font, double spaced

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The Hero of the Quest as Derived from Joseph Campbell's book Hero With a Thousand Faces 1. The Ordinary World: We see the hero's normal life at the start of the story before the adventure begins. The hero does not know he / she is a hero. 2. Call to Action / Adventure: The hero is faced with an event, conflict, problem, or challenge important to the community. 3. The Refusal of the Call: Because the hero doesn't yet know he / she is a hero, the hero says he / she can't help. 4. Meeting the Mentor: Someone, usually a wise older person, guides the hero and helps that hero discover inner strength. 5.. The Journey, Crossing the Threshold: The hero leaves the comfort and safety of the ordinary world. 6. Tests, Allies and Enemies: The hero goes through a series of tests, identify friends, and face enemies. 7. The Approach--Adaptation and Change: The hero's initial thinking does not work, so the hero must learn to adapt new ideas and techniques. 8. The Ordeal: The hero experiences more difficult obstacles which continuously make the hero more capable, but require changes in the way the hero looks at himself or herself. 9. The Hero's Weapon: The hero acquires a special weapon. 10. The Belly of the Beast / Resurrection: The hero faces the scariest, most dangerous test in the scariest, most dangerous place, but finds the courage to be calm and find inner strength and wisdom. This is the "ah ha" moment in learning. 11. The Return: The hero returns to the community to become and inspiration to others. ...
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