Cerious cybernetics crop - Information Assurance and Risk management white paper

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# Word count(3,900-4,200) excluding title page.table of contents,references,appendices.

Page count shouldn't exceed 20 pages.


-> The nature of the brief/commission and the topic should be briefly outlined and defined alongside details of how the paper is organised


*Main body

1).Implement a set of policies and procedures for research&development for cerious cybernetics corp company.

-> use ISMS policies

2). Sample service improvement plan(SIP) pertaining to the scenario given.

3).Risk management

- assesing risk

- current risks,vulnerabilities,threats hazards

- risk management in action

- Assurance and certification

- Future Risk and Assurance Chalanges

4). How to mitigate ransomeware attack in IT company

-> which ISMS controls to be implemented for ransomeware in cybernetics corp company for preventing it from cyberattacks

-> Use ISO standerts and its quality meassures


*Acronyms and abrevations

*References (use Harvard referencing style)



Note :- please make sure you use ISO, ISMS, IG(information Governance)

Its a closed company, we need to give some security assessment for that based on our assumptions.It's a fictious company we need to assume and write

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