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Analyze how social media provides a competitive advantage for an organization’s Web strategy, given that many companies have started hiring personnel to handle Facebook and Twitter posts. tell why a robust Web presence matters to company executives

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Explanation & Answer

Social media is a platform which has become a holy gmail for the companies . Not only it provides access to hundreds of millions of people around the globe, but also makes a company popular if it is used in right way . 

When compared to normal tv ads social media has had a much more impact on the current younger generation . Following are the reasons why social media prescience will be a very important and soon may become a default strategy of many company companies -

Brand recognition - social media is a great place to build up your brand name . You can tell people what you do and can position a companies image directly to the consumer . You do well here, then you may get yourself a multi million dollar company .

Less intrusive and more expousre - When compared to tv ads which people tend to dislike , social media ads tend to be less intrusive . For ex on facebook the ads are shown on the ends of the screen in a friendly design and layout and is dependent upon the persons interest . People pay more attention if intresting video ads are made and are placed on YouTube or other similar sites . Once it goes viral it sort of keeps itself in the news without much external hype or promotion by the company . 

Followers and loyalty - It helps you create a huge fan base if done in a right way . Most of this followers tend to remain loyal and are less likely to suddenly change brands . 

Size of the community - The social media sites are become more crowded day by day with more people joining . Nowhere else is such a huge community available for brand exposure . 

Advantage over your rival - If you do your branding perfectly on social media you have a better chance to be ahead of your rivals who have not yet entered the social media sites or are latecomers . You can ahead of them if you start it first but in a sustainable way . 

Pricing of ads is lesser and competitive - Ads on sites like YouTube offer very competitive rates . In most cases 1 to 5$ per 1000 views except for some branded videos . 

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