Research design


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach

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  • STATE a specific research question in the specific area you select. Briefly explain why the question is important to your field (Environmental Health), and then
  1. State one hypothesis that stems from your research question. Please identify ONE main dependent variable and no more than FOUR independent variables of interest in your hypothesis. Provide a brief conceptual definition of each variable.
  2. Describe your specific research design for your research question. Explain why this design is appropriate to address the research question.
  3. Identify the potential data source and explain how you gather the data from the source.
  4. Describe the analysis plan to test your hypothesis.

i.Describe any specific statistical tests to be used to test your hypothesis.

ii. Explain why the statistical tests are appropriate.

  • Explain the meaning of “statistical significance” in your tests.

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