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This essay determines if I receive an A for this class or not. It is worth 20% of my grade and I am trusting you to get the job done. seeing you did an amazing job on the other assignments. I believe everything you need to know is in the word document I attached. Let me know if there is anything else you need.

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PUBH 100 Health and the Public Criteria for Final Paper (20 points) Carefully read all the following criteria before beginning your final assignment. This paper is worth a total of 20 points, and it should be no more than 1500 words excluding references, figures, and tables, using 12 point font. The paper is due on or before Monday, May 4, 2020 at 11:59PM. You have nearly two weeks to complete the paper, so you are advised to spend the first few days reading, gathering your thoughts, and outlining. Papers cannot be accepted after the due date/time (11:59PM on Monday, May 4, 2019) unless there is prior approval and/or a documented medical situation. Papers will only be accepted in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx). 1. Reflect upon all the different kinds of public health challenges that were depicted or discussed over the semester. Select and succinctly identify one public health challenge (e.g. a disease, a health condition, an environmental problem, a social or behavioral problem) that interests you. (If you wish, you may continue to address a problem you identified in the first paper; however, this paper is not limited to a population or sub-population within emerging adults unless you choose that focus.) (2 pts.) 2. Describe and substantiate why your selected issue is a threat to the health of the public using data and evidence from the scientific literature. This evidence should be a bit more extensive than the first paper. That means that you will need to search and reference the scientific literature in your paper. A minimum of five references should be included. (3pts.) 3. Define the population(s) most vulnerable to the problem you are addressing. (2 pts.) 4. Identify the array of stakeholders relative to the challenge you described. Who has a vested interest in the problem you chose and why? (2 pts.) 5. Ecology was defined in the reading, and an ecological perspective of public health has been discussed several times in class and in your assigned reading. Analyze your selected problem from an ecological perspective identifying the relationships and interactions of people and their environments (human and non-human systems) related to the problem. You may find it helpful to apply a diagram to illustrate the relationships. There is one such model in your text, and we reviewed it in class. (2 pts.) 6. Why is it important to address the issue that you selected? What egative consequence(s) would accrue to the population you have chosen and to society at large if the problem is not addressed? (2 pts.) 7. Identify at least one public health agency likely to be involved in addressing the problem you selected, and briefly explain why. An appropriate agency may be local, regional, or national depending upon the nature of your selected problem. (2pts.) 8. Clearly describe the role of at least one kind of public health professional (but not a specific person) who is likely to be involved in defining and/or resolving the problem that you identified. Refer to class presentations, discussions and your textbook to choose. (2 pts.) 9. Write formally, and adhere to the rules of grammar, punctuation, and composition. (2 pts.) 10. Use citations and references to support your argument as appropriate. APA style is preferred, but whatever reference style you follow, be consistent. Please do not make up your own style. (1 pt.) Submit your paper through SafeAssign on the Blackboard site in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx) on or before Monday, May 4th, at 11:59PM. No papers will be accepted after that deadline unless you have a documented conflict and have made prior arrangements for the submission of your paper with the professor. Words to the Wise: ➢ Identify what scientific literature you need to gather to support your topic(s), and develop a search strategy. Read and reflect first. ➢ Think about your thinking before you put your fingers on the keyboard. ➢ Outline your paper. ➢ Introduce, develop, and conclude within each paragraph and in your paper as a whole. Keep your grammar and composition book handy. Avoid errors that muddle your meaning and distract the reader. ➢ Read your paper out loud. Does it make sense? ➢ Ask someone else who is a good writer to read your paper and give you honest feedback. ➢ You are strongly urged to use the Writing Center as you develop and execute your paper. A virtual visit to the Writing Center does not guarantee an excellent paper, but it will no doubt increase the likelihood. Visit ➢ Request a consultation with the Public Health Liaison Librarian during office hours or set up an appointment via email to ➢ DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. University grade submission deadlines are firm, and we need time to read your papers; consequently no papers can be accepted after 11:59PM on Monday, May 4, 2020, without prior arrangement and/or documentation. ...
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