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This project provides an opportunity to continue to apply accessible and universal strategies to the conceptual design of a reception desk. The design will work in tandem with the commercial office project: “Not Your Mama’s Office Design.” Utilizing the floor and furniture plan created for the DF4 project, students will visualize a universally accessible reception desk that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meets code requirements.

Research: Expand on the knowledge you learned in the design of a universal home. How would these concepts apply to the creation of office furniture? Are there currently existing guidelines in place for furniture? What are the components of a typical reception desk? Consider how accessibility, function, materials, finishes, and anthropometrics combine to create a concept. Organize your research into a written outline. Use it to compose a 300 word narrative to describe your concept and how it fits within the overall design for Teresa’s office.

- I have uploaded what I have written but there are some points I need to work on, so when you open the desk narrative file, you will find feedback from my professor so follow her feedback to fix the outline and the narrative but if you can start writing your own or if you think you need to fix and add some points that's fine too.

- I uploaded two images to get the wright dimensions for the reception desk. Also, there is a picture of the desk that I am going to have, so just to help you to know what I am doing.

- there is a concept statement that would help you too. But first read the feedback of my professor to understand what she wants when take a look on the concept statement file.

Writing Outline and Narrative
Writing Outline and Narrative
Writing Outline and Narrative

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Universal reception desk Outline • Enables adequate exploration that opens to furniture creators into a variety of designs; that is, it allows one to make a choice. • Ensures that the created furniture has modern qualities and can take a significant time without the need for replacement. • Gives good knowledge. This ensures that the desk creator uses the right materials as well as utilization of the standard measures as far as designing and developing a reception desk is concerned. • It allows controlling externalities. That is the challenges that are associated with office furniture’s such sitting positions and their effect on health. Guidelines (factors to consider) • Allocation of enough space at the reception area. This will also affect the size of the desk designed. • The number of users. This factor determines the dimensions to take as well as overall space in the reception area. • The storage space concerning the function of the desk. • Quality of raw materials. For instance, the wood used should be smooth enough sine text plays an essential role. For instance; it increases the comfortability of the user, ensures efficient use of resources and increase beauty at the opening point of an organization. Narrative In creating a reception desk, the first important thing is to conduct adequate research as far as the project is concerned. Research at the beginning of the project bears multiple advantages. First, it enables a person to explore more on the matter. This gives the advantage of choice-making since research may give different types. Research also ensures that the designed desk bears the modern characteristics whose value will remain for a significant period. The research provides knowledge and strategies to counter-attack secondary challenges. Apart from research, other factors to consider include the allocation of enough space at the reception area. The standard measure of a reception table is 90-92cm in height and 100 cm in width. The height enables the seat to rotate freely without interfering with the accessories on the desk such as computers. Although there is a standard measure in length and width, the length mostly depends on the number of users. More one user will require a longer desk. Adequate storage space is essential. For general storage of files. The material used should be fine enough to ensure that it does not interfere with the actions of the desk user. Other advantages that are associated with use of fine materials include increasing the beauty at the reception point. Following the fact that the reception point is the primary point of an organization, it plays an essential role in attracting customers. The use of fine material also ensures that there is no delay in the work operations since receptionist is comfortable. Another important factor that that affects the design of the desk is the control of externalities, or otherwise the cost that the design may impact on the user. For instance different sitting positions can affect the health of the user. The height of the desk plays an essential role in determining the sitting positions. In this regard, the height should be standard incase nonadjustable chairs chair is used. Concept Statement Spacious offices allow clients and service providers to build healthy relationships. The design will be spacious, incorporate lots of natural light from large windows and have warm accents. The space will take advantage of the existing architectural elements such as shape and color. A combination of new and vintage accessories will help achieve visual balance in the room. A surprising pop of color, eclectic furniture piece, and light wooden floors will be used to add style in the room. There will be an open plan layout with few conventional walls in the office which will help in building the spirit of teamwork since the staff work close to each other. The walls of the office can display photos taken by Teresa Lang as a marketing strategy taken by Teresa Lang to share her work with potential clients. The reception desk will be close to the entrance to allow them to better serve the clients. Next to the receptionist desk will be comfortable armchairs for the clients and staff to relate to discuss projects and conduct meetings. Teresa’s working area is located next to her assistant. The large desks contain a number of storage options and accommodates a computer and some art items. The conference area will be casual and less corporate with a large TV wall for presentations. A small bar will be placed at the corner for beverages. There will also be a private room where equipment will be stored and have storage drawers for types of equipment. There will be plants at strategic corners to promote a healthy office environment and add texture. The minimal accessories like white vases and artwork will unify the space. The natural light and open space will create an inspiring space for Teresa and her employees, encouraging collaboration, participation, and innovation. ...
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