Mini reflections on the experience of COM-1090

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Interpersonal Communication




Worth 50-Points


1.You will write a 3-page Mini-Reflections on the experience of COM1090.

    • 2. A Reflective Paper is a reflection onwhat, you have learned. This includes an explanation of how you will apply what you have learned. Therefore, in responding to the questions below, your paper MUST describe what you learned in this course.
    • 3 To do that, you must be able to discuss and use the concepts learned and cite examples (preferably personal examples).
      • For examples that are not personal, you must find a video that can help you to demonstrate/discuss/applyyour response to your unique experience.
      • For every video that you use, you must includethe video link in your paper
      • You must have a Bibliography for all of them.
    • 4 Failure to do so will result in the video links not considered as part of your paper.

Mini-Reflection Paper

1.Please answer the following, IN AN ESSAY FORMAT, citing specific examples and using the concepts in the course to show application.

    • 2. All the mechanics of college-level writing are applicable in this Reflective Piece

How is this Interpersonal Communication course different from a Speech Course?

What was the most surprising thing you learned from this course?Cite examples using the concepts in the course

Discuss how you have been using the new knowledge gained from this course in your relationships? Cite examples.

How have you personally benefitted from the content of this course? Cite examples.

Which concept did you find most immediately useful in this course? Why? Cite examples, using the concepts in the course.

Discuss how will you continue to use this new knowledge in your relationships? Cite examples.


  • Would you recommend this course to someone else? Why? Why not? Cite examples.

Due Date:

A.Based on the due date of the paper but no later than the final exam date as set by the college for this class.

Important Information:

ØFor context, you must provide an introduction and background information so that I may be able to understand you. (Highlight any background information that you think may be necessary/helpful to this paper, and information that I would not have).

P.S. I have provided you with several pieces of information below that should assist you in writing a reflective paper.


  • Grammatical Errors

After the fifth (5th) grammatical error, the paper will be returned to you ungraded.

Paper Requirements:

  • Font size: 12
  • Font type: Times Roman
  • 1.5 spacing

Paper Format:

  • Essay Format

Concepts to be covered

  • Self-concept
  • Emotions
  • Perception
  • Non-verbal behaviors
  • Listening styles
  • Stage of your relationship
  • Disclosure styles
  • Communication Climates
  • Conflict

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