Lab 5: X-Ray Analysis of Fiber Composites



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Aim of project:  To obtain an overall understanding and hands-on experience of the operation of a Zeiss Xradia 810 Ultra in order to obtain images and 3D data on a carbon fiber composite and cotton/linen used in US bill currency.

 To analyze the fiber spacing, size, and volume fraction of the carbon fiber and cotton/linen fibers by computational tomography.

 To become familiar with using 3D datasets to extract 2D data and measurements.


Experimental: Samples Two carbon fiber samples (same carbon fiber used in MSE 320) and a cotton/linen sample:

1. Carbon fiber from a tube

2. Cotton/linen from US bill currency

 For all specimens identify fiber diameter, fiber spacing, and if fibers are aligned or random.

 Volume fraction of fiber to matrix in carbon fiber.

 Fiber morphology

 Generate 2D slices from 3D volumes Use ImageJ to measure data form 2D slices


Report : Please refer to document on Blackboard Learn regarding

 Style of report; and

 Contents expected in the report (grading guidelines) You may find the following references helpful:

 Zeiss Xradia 810 Ultra PowerPoint

 Zeiss Xradia 810 Ultra Sale Brochure

 Any other text on X-Ray Computational Tomography, several available in Owen library

 This website provides information about the Zeiss Xradia CT.

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