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Courtney Bratton

The question of "what factors do I think is most important to influencing other to purchase something? " Yikes that is a loaded questions, with many faucets.

I am going to say there are 3 important items.

  1. Need - In today's current situation, I think the influence has changed to need. What do we need to survive in our home. What do we need to eat, what do we need to drink, what do we need to stay warm. I am going out on a limb with this one, but I think need in influence is real. We need toilet paper, we need money or loans. Need of influence.
  2. Celebrity - When Kim Kardashain, or Brad Pitt use it, it must be necessary. Celebrity influences others. We see commercials all the time with celebrity's and you think to yourself do they really use Panteen Shampoo? or Dove soap. They are popular so if they use it it must be worth buying.
  3. Friends or Coworkers - If you see someone using something or wearing something, you like it and you want it. Almost like jealousy, you are influenced to by it. Peer pressure.

These are my thoughts at this point in the economy and life. Since most of our lives are now based at home and TV, this is my two cents.

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