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Homework auto-grader that collects homework from students with blanks for where they need to fill in words, saves all data. Another program loads the data and analyzes it.

Figuring out which questions were the hardest and which were the easiest. Determine the score of each question out of overall. Calculate the percentage of students who have the same answers, the percentage of correct and wrong answers. How many students got full marks. Plot a graph to show data of students' answers.

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CSCI 120 Final Project Spring 2020 Due Date:​ submitted via gitkeeper by the end of your final exam period: ● Wed May 6 12:15pm Points:​ The final project is 15% of your final grade in the course. The project will be graded out of 100 points. The project grade is the points for the Correctness Requirements minus the deductions for Qualitative Requirements. Project Ideas The final project will be designed by you and the instructor. Every student will have a different project. You have two different ways to come up with an idea: ● Look at the list of project ideas. You are expected to not just select an idea but come up with the specifics and adjust/tweak to make it ​your​ project. Preferably you will choose a project within your interests, field of study, or related to another course you have taken/are taking. ● Talk with a faculty member in your field of study or a current course to discuss how computer science is used within their field and completely fill out the questions in the shared Google Doc. If your idea is approved you will get up to +15 pts on the final project (see below). See the shared Google Doc for more information. You will setup a 20-minute appointment with your instructor from ​Monday Mar 30 to Friday Apr 3 ​to design the actual final project utilizing these ideas. Upon designing the idea, the instructor will complete the shared Google Doc with the specific requirements for your unique final project. These requirements are in addition to the requirements listed below. Requirements Even though all final projects will be unique, they will all share many traits: ● ● ● ● ● ● Must make good use of functions Must write tests for all functions that have no user input, printing, plotting, or randomness All user input must be validated and the program must never crash Variables must be appropriately named Must appropriately use loops and conditionals Structured data types including lists-of-lists and/or dictionaries All projects will also include one or more of the following: ● Plotting of data using matplotlib, possibly interactive plots ● Reading and/or writing of files ● Use of Twilio or libraries/technologies not discussed in class (+5 pts with approval of instructor) CSCI 120 Final Project Fall 2019 Correctness Requirements Instructors will test the program and deduct points for incorrect solutions at their discretion. Points Requirement 100 Program solves the defined problem TOTAL Preparations and Qualitative Requirements These are ​deductions​ from your Correctness Requirements score. Additionally, you are not allowed to use features not covered in the class or your zyBook unless you discuss their use with the instructor before the project is due. Doing so will result in major deductions at the discretion of the instructor. Points 5 5 5 5 10 10 10 15 15 20 100 Requirement Meeting with instructor ontime to discuss project definition Program headers with purpose, course, and author specified Variables have names that describe their purpose Functions have names that describe their purpose Program makes appropriate use of functions Appropriate use of control statements (​if​, ​else​, ​elif​, ​for​, ​while​) All user input is fully validated and program never crashes Tests written for every function that doesn’t have user input, print, or have randomness; tests must cover ​all​ the possible situations Program code is easy to read and understand Met with instructor in a timely manner to address problems (i.e. before last week of project) TOTAL Deduction Extra Credit Up to +15 for custom idea (+5 for approved idea, +5 for distinct from any listed idea, +5 for idea in novel field) Up to +5 for using Twillio or libraries/technologies not discussed in class (with approval of instructor) ...
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