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1. Project scope statement based on a project scope checklist (page 108), as part of a short introduction which explains the project.

2. Project priority matrix (page 112).

3. Work breakdown structure (page 115). As a guideline, your project should be between 20-40 activities.

4. Estimates of work package durations (page 135), and how these were calculated. (You can assume that you are the person most familiar with the task.)

5. Responsibility matrix. As a guideline, the project team should have no more than 10 members (page 121).

6. Communication plan (page 121).

7. Project network. Complete the forward and backward pass (page 173), compute the activity slack (page 176), identify the critical path (page 177), and draw a Gantt chart (page 181). Comment on the network sensitivity (page 177).

8. Risk register (page 238).

9. Resource-levelled project network, or the process for crashing the project if it is time constrained (page 266).

10. A report summary.

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