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Web-Based Research Paper:

Each student will write a brief paper using web-based research on a company of your choice, i.e., any company (public, private, for/non-profit, etc.) with a website

. ▪ The body of the paper should be one-page, single spaced with 12 point font (papers longer or shorter than one page will be penalized).

▪ The paper shall also have a Cover page and a References page.

▪ The paper must be well written in paragraph format and should be both spell-checked and “clarity-checked”.

▪ The paper must include the name of the company, description of the business, primary goods/services, location of headquarters, the internet address and why you selected this particular company

▪ The paper must also address at least two (2) Operations Management topics as listed in the course outline. Some examples are listed below:

▪ What are the competitive dimensions and the competitive positioning of the company?

▪ What type of production and/or service processes does the company utilize?

▪ What is the company’s approach to social responsibility?

▪ What is the company’s approach to outsourcing and/or offshoring?

▪ What is the company’s approach to sustainability?

▪ You must also include three (3) questions that you would ask if you had an interview with the company

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Final Answer


Starbucks Research paper- Outline
Thesis statement: The company was particularly chosen for this paper due to the availability of
the company’s information, its diversification and public status. The company is publicly traded
in the NASDAQ and operates in many countries, this makes most its information readily
available to the public.
I. Company overview
II. Competitive dimensions
A. Brand Equity
B. High quality products
C. Wide variety of products
D. Customer loyalty
E. Global network
III. Competition positioning
A. Premium coffee brand
IV. Corporate social responsibility
A. It partners with local non-profits organizations
B. Focusses on diversity and inclusion in the workplace,
C. Provides training opportunities for the youth
D. Starbucks Foundation
V. Sustainability initiatives
A. Waste reduction and recycling
B. Water and energy conservation
C. Green building,
D. Responsible grown coffee, ethically sourced tea and cocoa
E. Ethos water fund


Starbucks Research Paper



Starbucks Research Paper

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