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1. Provide a Brief Background on the Case?

2.How/by whom was the case brought to trial or adjudication?

3.What were the roadblocks to going to trial/adjudication, or if the case is ongoing, what are the roadblocks?

4.What were/are the political implications if any for this trial/adjudication?

5.What were the results of the trial?

6.Do you have any criticism regarding the process of the court, its jurisdiction, or operations? What would be required to improve the institution/court/trial?

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Pre-Trial Chamber
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1. Provide a Brief Background on the Case?
Following the year December 2004, the government CAR (Central African Republic) requested
that ICC examine monstrosities submitted during 2002 and 2003. The decision made by the CAR’s
noteworthy court stated that the country’s equity framework was not significant for assuring
procedures to solve the wrongdoings under the Rome Statute in April 200 (D’Aoust, 2017). The
ICC office of the prosecutor sent out research to taken to investigate the matter. As time went by,
safeguard question to the acceptability of the case, that means whether the ICC could attempt the
case by any means clarified beneath was in the long run, dismissed by the appointed authorities.
The CAR government kept in touch with the examiner to demand data on his primer examination.
After two months, a board of pre-preliminary adjudicators requested that the investigator release
the full investigation in May 2007. In the wake of thinking about a solicitation from the examiner,
the Pre-Trial Chamber issued permission for the capture of Jean-Pierre Bemba in the year May
2008. War crimes such as rape, murder, and detriment to humankind were the reasons accused
(Clark, 2016). The warrant sealed at issuing but unlocked the next day following the capture of
Bemba near Brussels by Belgian special agent. Two days after the capture, the Belgian court
ordered Bemba sent to ICC.
2.How/by whom was the case brought to trial or adjudication?
Bemba showed up under the steady gaze of the three appointed authorities of Pre-Trial Chamber
III on July four, 2008, in the ICC. The confirmation of costs was initially set for November 2008
by the Chamber. Still, it differed until December the same year with a reason for allowing the
security practice the privileges, particularly regarding planning for the submission. The meeting
was bogged down one additional time an...

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