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Identifying early literacy assessment tools that are appropriate for the learning environment and beneficial for informing future instruction are important to the early learning classroom. The data obtained from assessments is critical in making decisions about accommodations in order to meet the diverse needs of students.

In a 250-500 word reflection, discuss the role formative assessments have in informing instruction. In addition, discuss appropriate assessment accommodations for learners with disabilities and language barriers. What is your ethical responsibility in maintaining the integrity of assessment data? Discuss how you will use this information in your future professional practice.

Use 2-3 scholarly resources to inform this reflection.

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Assessment Tool Matrix Assessment Tool Grade Level Literacy Skill Pre-K Get Ready to Read Listening Use to see where child pre-reading skills are How to Review Data Provided by Assessment Tool Information gather by teacher and parent in developmental domains Calculating score completed in the seven domains Gorski, (n.d.). Identify student reading Level is correspond to Fountas and level fluency and Pinnell reading level that appears comprehension. report cards. Determine reading engagement 1 Developmental Reading Assessment How to Use Assessment Tool Speaking (DRA2) AIMSweb K Reading Screens students to identify those at risk and in need of Data and scores can be measured in real time on a database. © 2018. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved. How to Make accommodation Children are giving activities and experiences to address difficulty with particular skills during screening with teacher and parent (Gorski, (n.d.). Teacher use DRA Word Analysis Take information, model and support. Teach how to take words apart, how to use word charts, and provide spelling activities and words sorts in a small group setting (teachertubeSPED, 2012) . Tier 2 – obtain strategic intervention, more process monitoring intervention Tier 3- receive intensive intervention (Harding, Herrmann, Hanno, & Ross, 2019) 4 Writing and Reading Assessment Profile (WRAP) Writing Assess reading and writing development after student completes a reading habits and preferences survey, reads a text aloud and answering comprehension prompts about the story though writing Teachers get an ideal of child’s instructional reading levels when getting Fountas and Pinnell reading level. A system that applies reading levels ability from A- Z. Reflection: © 2018. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved. Students contribute information orally writes what is dictated. More time is giving. References Harding, J. F., Herrmann, M. H., Hanno, H. S., & Ross, C. (2019, October). Using kindergarten entry assessments to measure whether ... Retrieved from Gorski, D. (n.d.). How to Use the Get Ready to Read! Screening Tool. Retrieved from teachertubeSPED, (2012,December 12). Special Education - DRA2 [Video File]. Received from © 2018. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.
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Assessment Tools for Early Childhood Education
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Formative Assessments
Early childhood assessments provide very important tools that are used by the teachers or
educators and parents in determining the best ways to enhance the child’s growth and development.
They are useful in the planning of the child’s learning process of the child to enhance quality.
Formative assessment is importan...

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