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Using the template provided watch the video and complete the template. I am pro animal research for the fact of what we find out but I do not like the way the animals are treated.

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Reflective Journal Template – Topic Reflection Topic What are the key points of contention on this topic? What side of the argument (stance) do you take on this topic? What strong points does the other side of this topic have? What were the three most important things you took away from the topic? 1. 2. 3. Which ethical theory (of the 6 approved ones ONLY – Kant; Act Utilitarianism; Rule Utilitarianism; Care Ethics; Virtue Ethics; and Social Contract) would you apply to this topic to defend your stance? Explain fully. 250 words. A) In this reflection you must first define the key terms of the debate (for example, define what Euthanasia/Abortion/Stem Cell/Public Health/PreNatal Testing/Animal Research/Health Care, etc. means and what are the different types depending on which topic you are discussing) B) Define and explain the ethical theory you chose (show me you know exactly what the theory is and does – in your own words) C) Present the evidence both pro and con and follow up how using your ethical theory is the best way to determine whether or not your stance is really ethical D) Conclusion – any final thoughts and opinions would go here ...
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