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The final capstone project is a culmination of the written research-based assignments completed throughout the course. Each written assignment contributes to the final Evidenced-Based Proposal paper. This is the third written assignment.


Describe your proposed solution (100-250 words).

Preparing an Implementation Plan

Develop an implementation plan (1,000-1,500 words). The elements that should be included in your plan are listed below:

  1. Method of obtaining necessary approval(s) and securing support from your organization's leadership and fellow staff.
  2. Description of current problem, issue, or deficit requiring a change. If you are proposing a change in current policy, process, or procedure when delivering patient care, describe first the current policy, process, or procedure as a baseline for comparison.
  3. Detailed explanation of proposed solution (new policy, process, procedure, or education to address the problem/deficit).
  4. Rationale for selecting proposed solution.
  5. Evidence from your review of literature in Topic 2 to support your proposed solution and reason for change.
  6. Description of implementation logistics. (When and how will the change be integrated into the current organizational structure, culture, and workflow? Who will be responsible for initiating the change, educating staff, and overseeing the implementation process?)
  7. Resources required for implementation: staff; educational materials (pamphlets, handouts, posters, and PowerPoint presentations); assessment tools (questionnaires, surveys, pre- and post-tests to assess knowledge of participants at baseline and after intervention); technology (technological or software needs); funds (cost of educating staff, printing or producing educational materials, gathering and analyzing data before, during, and following implementation); and staff to initiate, oversee, and evaluate change.

Evaluation Plan

Prepare an evaluation plan (500-750 words) supported by your critical appraisal of the literature.

  1. Discuss methods to evaluate the effectiveness of your proposed solution.
  2. Describe what your projected outcomes will be and what variables will be assessed.

General Requirements

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for success

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Running Head: LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORY 1 Literature Review and Theory Student’s Name: Course Name: Professor’s Name: Date: LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORY 2 Table of Evidence Study 1 Study 2 Study 3 Author Infectious Diseases Unit Sumeet Khanna World Neurosurgery Study title Healthcare inadequate resources in treatment of HIV among the prisoners in Malaysia Lack of time allocation for the prisoners Inadequate healthcare education among the people Research Questions Reasons from inadequate resources in prisoners in consideration to control of HIV infection making the prisoners Determination of consequences of lack of time in provision of healthcare among the prisoners Historical records Impact of poor literacy in healthcare provision Design Setting/Sam ple Clinically indicated diagnostic studies, physical examination and historical records The sample applied in the 330 samples were research study was utilized obtained from the prisoners with high rate of sexually transmitted infections (Finestone, et al., 2016). Study 4 Harborview Medical Center Inadequate palliative care among the individuals with chronic lung cancer Impact of skills in palliative care Physical examination Cohort studies The sample was obtained from the healthcare organization believed to be affected due to poor education provision (Houghton, Murphy, Brooker, & Casey, 2016). Sample from individuals affected by the lung cancer. Study 5 Kathy Murphy Inadequate experience among healthcare providers Impact of inexperience among the nurses and other healthcare providers Clinically indicated diagnostic studies Sample was obtained from the organization with high rate of infections in relation to cancer infection (McLeod, et al., 2020). LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORY 3 Methods: Collection of data intervention/ through utilization of instruments questionnaire Interview among the prisoners on how they have been attended Analysis Most of the prisoners are suffering due to lack of healthcare resources implied in control of HIV transmission. Some of the prisoners are not effectively attended due to lack of time. Key findings It was found that there are few healthcare providers in prisoners hence leading to increase in suffering. There has been continual spread of infections especially among the prisoners due to lack of time for interaction between the prisoners and healthcare (Saad, et al., 2019). Recommend The healthcare ations organization should venture to ensure resource availability in prisoners for effective control of infections. Healthcare time allocation should be ensured among the prisoners. Archived data Distribution of questionnaires in essence of obtaining information There are few Lack of skills attempts made in among the essence of providing healthcare nurses healthcare information have contributed to among the people. increase in suffering of individuals affected by the chronic lung cancer. It has been found that It has been found poor provision of that, lack of skilled healthcare literacy personnel have led have contributed to to increase in loss ban increase in spread of lives hence of infections among leading to a great the people. problem among the people. Individuals needs to be advised on how they can effectively prevent themselves from the spread of infections through The research has recommended that the nurses involved in caring for the chronic lung diseases would be provided Use of archived data It has been analyzed that most of the doctors have not been experienced in issue relating to provision of service among the patients. Lack of experience have contributed to an increase in suffering among the individuals with lung cancer (Jangland, Teodorsson, Molander, & Muntlin Athlin, 2018). The healthcare providers needs to be experienced for better service provision among the patients LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORY 4 How this supports EBP/Capsto ne The study supports the capstone through enhancement of issue relating to lack of resources in prisoners. The study relates to capstone through considering time factor as one of the resources which have been on scarce. Study 6 Author Study 7 consideration of safety with viable skills measures. to improve service being provided. The study relates to In consideration to capstone through issue related to consideration of capstone, the study inadequate education is aimed at among the people. highlighting impacts of inadequate skills owned by the healthcare providers. Study 8 Theresa Teadorsson Hillel Finestone Butler Study title Inadequate environment in healthcare provision. Inadequate pain management in opioid. Research Questions Impact of inadequate environment in healthcare organization. Determination of reasons for poor pain management in healthcare system. Focused ethnographic approach. Physical examination Lack of evidence in provision of healthcare among the prisoners. Why there has been lack of evidence in provision of healthcare services. Cohort studies Design Study 9 Kuan AS Inadequate accessibility among the migrants. Determination of why there has been inadequate accessibility to healthcare services. Individual examination Lack of experience is directly concerned with resources unavailability highlighted in capstone. Study 10 Matlakala MC Challenges faced by nurses due to poo and lack of resources. Determination of challenges faced by nurses due to poor resources. Interview LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORY 5 Setting/Sampl Sample of 20 people was e utilized Sample was obtained from the healthcare organization with poor service provision. Use of questionnaires Sample from the prisoners being admitted 12 sample of immigrants Interview Interview From the research, it has been analyzed that poor information management have led to lack of evidence in provision of service to the prisoners. The information management is no effective hence no evidence from which overall service can be based (Wallace, et al., 2019). It is critical to ensure effective management of information It has been analyzed that there is poor accessibility of healthcare service among the migrants. There is poor service being provided to the patient due to inadequate resources. The findings have indicated that there is no effective distribution of healthcare organization from which the migrants can be served. It has been recommended that there should be introduction of effective ways leading to increase The findings have indicated that the service being provided from the healthcare sector has been affected by the resources available. Decisive action should be implemented to enhance better service through Methods: intervention/i nstruments Analysis informal interviews It has been analyzed that there has been great issue in consideration to environmental condition in support of patient’s life. It was basically analyzed that there has been poor management of pain in the healthcare organization. Key findings Inadequate environmental factor have contributed to an increase in loss of lives among the people. Poor pain management have been associated with lack of skills in handling patients. Recommendat The healthcare management ions should strive to incorporate fundamental climate through which patients would be served effectively. It has been recommended that skills in handling of the patients is important in Sample of the nurses from the healthcare organization with poor service provision Use of questionnaire LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORY 6 improvement of pain management. How this supports EBP/Capston e Environmental issue have a direct relationship with lack of resource availability in healthcare as highlighted in capstone. Study 11 Author Inadequate provision of services leading to better life of an individual is related to the resource unavailability as highlighted in capstone. Study 12 Lack of evidence is associated with lack of equipment utilized in the data storage hence resources unavailability. Study 13 Study 14 Gaia Bassani Benard hope Study title Inadequate funds in healthcare which have led to crowdfunding. Impact of human resources in healthcare provision. Resource allocation in nurse care Research Questions Determination of reasons for crowdfunding Determination of role of human resource in healthcare (Taderera, 2019). Mapping analysis How effective are What is impact of resources allocated communication in for nurse care. resource allocation? Design Cohort studies Scott, Harvey in establishment of healthcare sectors (Kuan, Chen, & Lee, 2020). Based on resource unavailability, the issue of the inadequate accessibility have been contributing to poor service being delivered among the individuals. Empirical analysis Andrea. S Wallace Communication impact in availability of social resources. Case study analysis provision of required resources. Inadequate and poor service related to the lack of enough resources in the capstone. Study 15 Priscila Andeda Reduction of cost in attainment of resources Factors related to reduction of cost in resource allocation. Case study LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORY 7 Setting/Sam Sample of healthcare donors ple were utilized in essence of obtaining the information for the research study Methods: Use of the questionnaires intervention /instruments Analysis The analysis have indicated that lack of funds in the healthcare organization have contributed greatly in suffering among the people (Bick, et al., 2016). Key findings Crowdfunding have therefore been implemented to raise funds for healthcare service. Recommend There should be effective ations strategies to ensure funds availability in healthcare sector. Sample from the organization involved in care management Case study analysis Sample of healthcare staffing The analysis have indicated that there is great importance of human resources in healthcare. Resource management helps in effective utilization of resources hence leading to effective outcome in service being provided. There should be introduction of human resources position in every healthcare organization (Bassani, Marinelli, & Vismara, 2019). Case study Sample of Seventy medical and surgical inpatients completed Use of interviews Sample from the organization being faced by resource unavailability Use of questionnaires The resources have been inadequate hence not available for effective care (Malelelo-Ndou, Ramathuba, & Netshisaulu, 2019). It has been found that availability of resources in healthcare has great impact among the nurse care. Communication helps in discussion of issue which should be provided in healthcare sector (Guliani, Hadjistavropoulos, Jin, & Lix, 2020). Effective decision in resources distribution is determined in resource availability or inadequacy. Reduction of cost is key strategy to ensure effective distribution of resources in healthcare. There should be enough and effective distribution of resources for nurse care There should be effective communication between the top managers in healthcare organization in distribution of resources (Brown, Lack of strategies related to cost reduction have resulted to increase issue associated with lack of enough resources in healthcare, Effective strategies needs to be implemented for achievement of resources under low cost. LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORY 8 How this Lack of funds is part of lack of supports resources in healthcare EBP/Capsto organization. ne Resource utilization shall determine the availability of resources in future operation. Resource allocation determines issue related to resources inadequate experienced in healthcare. Jecker, & Curtis, 2016). Distribution of material ensures availability of resources in healthcare. Resources distribution at lower cost helps in fighting issue relating in inadequacy. Incorporating a Theory Quantum resources theory will be considered as being the most applicable theory in consideration to issue relating to the unavailability of the resources in the healthcare organization. It will be implied in offering a highly powerful and versatile framework in studying different phenomenon which can be incorporated throughout the process of attaining the resources required in the healthcare organization. It is applied in determining the quality of the resources being distributed in the healthcare organization. This will be considered in ensuring that there has been the improvement of care management provided by the nurses in the healthcare facilities (Agarwal, et al., 2015). This is attributed to the reason that there have been great issues relating to resource availability and in other cases, poor quality service is provided. This has contributed to a negative influence on the provision of healthcare services. LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORY 9 Though the application of this theory I have the capability of ensuring that there has been an effective establishment of strategies leading to better provision of healthcare resources. In addition, it will play a critical role through which cost reduction associated with the resources can be enhanced hence leading to effective availability. Therefore upon the incorporation of this theory, I will stand a better position in defining various reasons why there has been a reduced supply of resources in healthcare organizations hence standing a better chance to establish effective mechanisms to curb the menace. In the determination of this issue relating to the inadequate resources, I will effectively interact with top management involved in the supply of the resources. This will ensure effective communication tools hence leading to a better exchange of ideas on what needs to adhere. This is because poor communication skills have contributed to poor resource distribution hence leading to a decline in healthcare service provision. LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORY 10 Reference Agarwal, N., Shah, K., Stone, J. G., Ricks, C. B., & Friedlander, R. M. (2015). Educational resources “over the head” of neurosurgical patients: the economic impact of inadequate health literacy. World neurosurgery, 84(5), 1223-1226. Retrieved from: https://europepmc.org/article/med/26100170 Bassani, G., Marinelli, N., & Vismara, S. (2019). Crowdfunding in healthcare. The Journal of Technology Transfer, 44(4), 1290-1310. Retrieved from: https://econpapers.repec.org/article/kapjtecht/v_3a44_3ay_3a2019_3ai_3a4_3ad_3a10.1007_5fs10961-0189663-7.htm Bick, J., Culbert, G., Al-Darraji, H. A., Koh, C., Pillai, V., Kamarulzaman, A., & Altice, F. (2016). Healthcare resources are inadequate to address the burden of illness among HIV-infected male prisoners in Malaysia. International journal of prisoner health. Retrieved from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27921633 Brown, C. E., Jecker, N. S., & Curtis, J. R. (2016). Inadequate palliative care in chronic lung disease. An issue of health care inequality. Annals of the American Thoracic Society, 13(3), 311-316. Retrieved from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26730490 Finestone, H. M., Juurlink, D. N., Power, B., Gomes, T., & Pimlott, N. (2016). Opioid prescribing is a surrogate for inadequate pain management resources. Canadian Family Physician, 62(6), 465. Retrieved from: http://www.ohri.ca/profile/hfinestone LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORY 11 Guliani, H., Hadjistavropoulos, T., Jin, S., & Lix, L. (2020). Utilization of Health Care Resources by Long-Term Care Residents as a Function of Pain Status. The Clinical Journal of Pain. Retrieved from: https://europepmc.org/article/med/32205516 Houghton, C., Murphy, K., Brooker, D., & Casey, D. (2016). Healthcare staffs’ experiences and perceptions of caring for people with dementia in the acute setting: Qualitative evidence synthesis. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 61, 104-116. Retrieved from: Jangland, E., Teodorsson, T., Molander, K., & Muntlin Athlin, Å. (2018). Inadequate environment, resources and values lead to missed nursing care: A focused ethnographic study on the surgical ward using the Fundamentals of Care framework. Journal of clinical nursing, 27(11-12), 2311-2321. Retrieved from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28960702 Kuan, A. S., Chen, T. J., & Lee, W. C. (2020). Barriers to health care services in migrants and potential strategies to improve accessibility: A qualitative analysis. Journal of the Chinese Medical Association: JCMA, 83(1), 95. Retrieved from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31714441 Malelelo-Ndou, H., Ramathuba, D. U., & Netshisaulu, K. G. (2019). Challenges experienced by health care professionals working in resource-poor intensive care settings in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Curationis, 42(1), 1-8. Retrieved from: https://europepmc.org/article/med/26561431 LITERATURE REVIEW AND THEORY 12 McLeod, K. E., Butler, A., Young, J. T., Southalan, L., Borschmann, R., Sturup-Toft, S., ... & Martin, R. E. (2020). Global Prison Health Care Governance and Health Equity: A Critical Lack of Evidence. American Journal of Public Health, 110(3), 303308. Retrieved from: https://europepmc.org/article/med/31944844 Saad, E. B., Tayar, D. O., Ribeiro, R. A., Junqueira Jr, S. M., Andrade, P., & d'Avila, A. (2019). Healthcare Utilization and Costs Reduction after Radiofrequency Ablation For Atrial Fibrillation in the Brazilian Private Healthcare System. Arquivos brasileiros de cardiologia, (AHEAD). Retrieved from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6777892/ Scott, P. A., Harvey, C., Felzmann, H., Suhonen, R., Habermann, M., Halvorsen, K., ... & Papastavrou, E. (2019). Resource allocation and rationing in nursing care: A discussion paper. Nursing ethics, 26(5), 1528-1539. Retrieved from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29607703 Taderera, B. H. (2019). Do national human resources for health policy interventions impact successfully on local human resources for health systems: a case study of Epworth, Zimbabwe. Global health action, 12(1), 1646037. Retrieved from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31368413 Wallace, A. S., Pierce, N. L., Davisson, E., Manges, K., & Tripp-Reimer, T. (2019). Social resource assessment: Application of a novel communication tool during hospital discharge. Patient education and counseling, 102(3), 542-549. Retrieved from: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0738399118307808?via%3Dihub Running Head: EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE Evidence Based Practice Student’s Name: Course Name: Professor’s Name: Date: 1 2 EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE Evidence based practice Part 1: Defining the Problem Provision of adequate resources in healthcare service is one of those topics which may typically resolve a patient-care-quality issue/problem. This is attributed to the reason that, there has been an increase in the population hence resulting in a considerate increment in terms of the hospital service requirements. Therefore, the problem has been incurred in the sense that the available resources in healthcare provision have not been worth providing care for the increased number of people. The availability of the resources in the medical field is considered as being an important factor for better service provision among the patients. Some of the resources which have been researched to be on a slight decline include injections, medicines, beddings, food, proper clothing as well as hygiene facilities (Some et al., 2020). Lack of this service has been letting some of the patients not to be in a position of receiving considerate services from the healthcare providers. The research has indicated that some parents have been hosted in the hospital over several years and up to now, they have not been provided with required service. Such patients may be considered as the cause of the limited resources since some patients go to the hospital in daily service. Therefore in the case when they spend more time in the healthcare facilities they result in great problems i ...
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Final Answer



Proposed Solution, Implementation and Evaluation Plan
Student’s Name:
Course Name:
Professor’s Name:



Solution, Implementation, and Evaluation
Paper Proposal
The research provides a solution related to a lack of resources availability in the healthcare
organization. The issue of resource unavailability has contributed greatly to the increased suffering
of individuals due to poor service delivery. Based on this, the overall exploration intends to provide
a solution in consideration of the strategies and approaches which regards to be implemented to
ensure the availability of resources in healthcare. Decision making in this case will be essential in
the determination of strategic plan which needs to be incorporated for effective resource
availability. Some of the resources which have been evident to be on scarce comprise of the
injections, medicines, equipment along with building structures. Therefore, the solution in this
case, will aim at ensuring equal resources distribution in healthcare organization.
Implementation Plan
To obtain the required information necessary to provide evidence to organizational
leadership, there are various methods that regard to be utilized. These methods will help in the
provision of approval to the organization leader along with other staff leaders in evidence relating
to resource inavailability in healthcare. These methods comprise of the following; questionnaires
will be prepared and distributed in the healthcare organization which is believed to be faced by
lack of resource availability (Schilder, 2020). This shall be considered to involve both the
healthcare providers and the patients in providing information on how resource scarcity has been
contributing to poor service being provided. In addition to this, the use of questionnaire will be
important in having different healthcare stakeholders in the healthcare organization in the
determination of effective steps which regards to be established for a better supply of the resources
hence ensuring effective service delivery in the future healthcare organization. the methods of



interviews will also be considered as being critical among the top management and nurses in the
determination of ways through which the healthcare have been faced by a problem related to
resource supply. The use of interviews will only help in the presentation of staff leaders with
concrete evidence relating to the great risk associated with scarcity and measure which should be
undertaken to ...

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