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Group Project Peer Evaluation

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Each group member will complete a peer evaluation on each group member.


In every organization, leaders and managers conduct performance evaluations on the personnel within their areas of responsibility. These evaluations are often done on an annual basis, and sometimes more frequently.

There are several reasons why these evaluations are done. Chief among them is that evaluation documents the best performers in any organization. It also allows leaders the opportunity to work with individuals to identify strong areas and weak areas of performance, and to provide appropriate feedback to individuals with corrective actions to allow them to improve themselves professionally. Performance evaluation reviews also allow the manager/leader and the employee to discuss differences of opinion and perhaps resolve those differences. The leader/manager will often use the performance evaluation to set performance goals in some measurable form, often referred to as a metric, for the following evaluation period. In many organizations, this is mutually agreed upon by both the employee and the manager.

From a legal perspective, performance evaluations are important to both the employer and the employee, as this documentation of performance can support a termination decision on the part of an employer and provide a defense mechanism for an employee who feels that he or she was improperly terminated.

Learning Objective

To allow you, as a new homeland security professional, to begin development of managerial and leadership skills critical to the profession.


For each member of your domestic terrorism incident project group, complete a peer evaluation. Submit this in accordance with instructions from your instructor. Do not share or discuss any peer evaluation with anyone other than your instructor.

The peer evaluation form will be posted as a separate Word document in the Assignments tab of the classroom. One peer evaluation will be completed per student in each work group.

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