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You have been asked to be the project manager for the development of an information technology (IT) project. The system to be developed will allow a large company to coordinate and maintain records of the professional development of its employees. The company has over 30,000 employees who are located in four sites: Florida, Colorado, Illinois, and Texas. The system needs to allow employees to locate and schedule professional development activities that are relevant to their positions. Sophisticated search capabilities are required, and the ability to add scheduled events to the employees’ calendars is desired. The system needs to support social networking to allow employees to determine who is attending conferences and events. This will promote fostering relationships and ensure coverage of conferences that are considered of high importance.

Once an activity has been completed, employees will use the system to submit the documentation. The system should support notifications to management personnel whenever their direct reports have submitted documentation. The system should also notify employees if their deadline to complete professional development requirements is approaching and is not yet satisfied. The goal is to get this system up and running at the start of the next fiscal year.

When a project is ready to be deployed, a transition plan can help the transfer of ownership from the project team to the customer or organization that requested the project.

Complete the following:

  • For the given scenario, in Section 4 of your overall progressing project, create a project transition plan.

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Transition Plan


Section 5

Transition Approach
During the transition process, the company will retain all its 30,000 employees onsite;
this is to allow the proper implementation of the project by checking how effective it is as the
employees submit the documentation. This will also enable the project manager to check how
knowledgeable and equipped the employees are in implementing the project (Aken, Pavlo,
Gordon & Zhang, 2017). No additional staff will be allowed to join the company during the
transition process. The anticipated transition period for the project is 90 days after which, all the
procedures will be complete and the project handed over to the management team.
Prior to beginning the transition process, the company will come up with a wellcoordinated and knowledgeable transition team that will ensure a successful transition to the
project. The company will have all its staff ready onsite at the beginning of the 90 days'
transition; this, therefore, means that all employees will coordinate with the information
technology team that will be undertaking the project transition. The information technology team
will be in charge of carrying out the implementation plan and ensuring its success. The company
will provide the required resources for the project transition. The proje...

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